1.15.2016 // our wedding day!

our pictures were taken by Debby Leavitt Photography. she did an excellent job and we LOVE our pictures and hope you enjoy them as well! 

our wedding day was an anticipated ball of stress. until parker showed up to the temple. and then it was the most perfect, wonderful, happiest day of my entire existence. see, parker was late to the temple. and he wouldn't answer his phone because he was driving. once he got there, he informed me that he had forgotten two things.

1. the GoPro memory card
2. his temple recommend

luckily we were in the temple so having a full-on melt down wasn't really an option. also, the temple is full of pretty nice people and they have a solid system for fixing temporary problems. so, once we got the recommend issue solved, the rest of the day was pure bliss.

our sealing was scheduled for 10am. unbeknownst to us, a few of our guests were a little late, so we were able to sit in the Celestial Room by ourselves for a little while before they took us down to be sealed. i honestly have never felt more peaceful. it was wonderful. then it was time to ride "the marriage carriage" back down to the sealing rooms. we got to the sealing room and it was full of people that we absolutely adore and look up to.

our sealer was wonderful and gave us special advice and then sealed us for time and all eternity. it was such an incredible experience. and it has definitely been my most favorite covenant that i have ever made in my entire life.

then we were able to go get dressed into our wedding clothes and exit the temple as husband and wife where our family was waiting ever so patiently in the freezing cold! (they were such troopers because it was SO COLD.)

parker's siblings and niece and nephew.
parker's best friends from high school.
coming out of the temple!
stoked because we're married.
kissing. because we can. because we're married.
i think this shot is so neat. we were given a note that told us exactly when we became husband and wife, and i think it's really neat that Debby also noted exactly when we came out of the temple! 
my dad surprised me by dipping me right when i went to hug him. it was pretty hilarious. and also terrifying because i wasn't expecting it at all.
hugging my dad.
hugging my mom.
parker and his mom. i just think this is adorable.
parker and his dad.
me and emily and allie.
all of the wonderful folks that came to support us! we feel so loved!
i love the vintage feel of this photo. i also love my sister addie's face in this picture.
parker's side!
parker's immediate family + one set of grandparents
parker's immediate family. 
parker's immediate family
my side! (please notice #sweetgirl's face in all of these. it never changes.)

my immediate family minus my brothers. my older brother had a very important test to take that day and couldn't make it and my younger brother is serving a mission at this time! they were both missed, but we understood their absences.
parker's grandparents.
this, well, this is what cold looks like.
but we were still so happy!
parker's siblings.
parker's siblings.
*insert sadie here*
parker's siblings.
this picture, because, well, look at those babies.
when you're the bride and groom, you get to hold the babies.
parker and his dad.
parker & his momma.

these next few don't even need captions.

back to the regular pictures. me and my momma.
showing off my momma's dress.
me and my daddio.

the bridesmaids. 

i had the best bridesmaids in the world. these girls are some of my very best friends in the world. (minus rachel because she lives in hawaii.) i wouldn't be who i am today without these girls in my life and i am so grateful for them!

parker's groomsmen! 

parker's best friends + their wives. double whammy for me = best friend AND a wife.
these next few pictures were taken after everyone was allowed to leave! our temple pictures!!

i think this was such a neat idea, it was very different and something i had never seen before. it also used the ab muscles i hadn't used in quite a long time...
my bouquet was done by Nannette York Floral & Decor and she did an amazing job creating the exact bouquet that i wanted!

this is a personal favorite!!

even though it was freezing, this was how i felt all day long-- so happy and so in love!

i love the colors in this one!

i love this one!
love. true love.

my mom & dad stayed for the long haul so they got to take a picture with us! 
another thing that was really special about our wedding day was that my parents were married exactly 31 years and 1 month from our day. so, because i was wearing my mom's dress and because of that fact, we decided to recreate a few of their wedding pictures!

lately, it seems as though every time i write a blog post i am overcome with gratitude. i have been blessed immensely in my life and i am truly grateful for everything my Heavenly Father has given me!

stay tuned for pictures from the receptions! i owe so much to everyone who helped make our wedding day perfect, because perfect it was!

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