11111111111111111111111111 months. okay... just 11

Hello my dears,
I just love you all so much. It sounds as though you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Guess what. I did too. We started off the day by going to sign class/ breakfast at the Drake's house. One of the deaf guys from the ward was there and then of course Bishop and Sister Drake. It was a lot of fun. We signed A LOT. And then all four of us got to go to the Spencer's for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was quite fun. Our ward mission leader and his family was there along with another family from the ward. It was almost like a Leavitt Thanksgiving, just on a way smaller scale. But it was super fun and the food was super good. And then I showed up the Elders by doing a backflip on the trampoline. yeah. I still got it. hahahaha. And after dinner we played a grueling game of Phase 10. It started as everyone against everyone. But then it turned into the Elders vs. the Sisters vs. the Spencers. hahahaha. Elder Wilkinson decided that he would sacrifice himself so that Elder England would beat me. He was laying down wilds and whatever card Elder England needed. The little cheat. Sister Willmore wasn't for that until the very last round. So I lost. hahahaha. It was pretty upsetting. But the quote of the night was, "I've taken my competitiveness to a whole new level. I've never sacrificed myself before." hahahaha. So funny. It was really fun though.
Then Friday we did a lot of Christmas Tree putting up-- not decorating though. I was really tired by the end of the day. It was a lot of service, but it was good the older folks were really happy, so that made it all worth it. Oh! We also went to a night time parade here in Jacksonville. It was SO cool. Santa was making his "first appearance" to the people here. And he FLEW INTO THE SQUARE IN A HELICOPTER. It was the coolest Santa entrance I've ever seen.
Saturday, we visited a lot of people. And we helped Sister Mudd with her Visiting Teaching. And then she took us to lunch. She's so awesome. :) And then we had coordination meeting. And then I got to do some service. :) I took the Mathusek Family's photos. :) It was a good day. And Sister Mathusek invited us to help them decorate their Christmas Tree because we don't have families here to do it with. So we got to be a part of their family for an hour. It was really fun.
Sunday was pretty normal. Church, visiting folks, and such. And then we got to go to the YSA activity. I think I have become the official YSA interpreter. hahaha. I love it though. I'm getting a lot better with my signing. And I've learned A LOT this past week. (Including D&C 4 and the First Vision) Oh!! Guess what. We have a lesson with a deaf man this week!! I'm SO excited!!
And then today. We're going to Springfield for Zone P-day! I'm excited. It should be fun. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Tell Michael that he'd better write me an email here quick! I love you so much! The Gospel is true! Heavenly Father is the same today than He was yesterday-- He still loves us!!
You're wonderful. Sister Sadie Leavitt

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