14 Months (March 3, 2014)

Hello Family!! :)

I just love you all. Let's start there. 
Okay, next. This week has been SUUUUUPER weird due to some unfortunate events. That I suppose I shall talk about now that everything is all said and done. Two weeks ago Sister McCoy and I were involved in a car accident. Now, before you all start to worry, just stop. We are fine. It wasn't my fault. And things are fine. Our car was totaled, but we are fine. The soreness is gone and we are up and moving! But the reason that it made everything so interesting was the fact that we didn't have a car for five days. Now, not having a car in our area makes things a little bit hard. So we had to rely on the members for a LOT of our getting around. But they were AMAZING and they helped us so much! And then because President and Sister Morgan are just fantastic, they let us borrow Sister Morgan's car! I'll tell you-- there probably isn't anything more intimidating than borrowing your Mission President's Wife's car. hahaha. I was SO nervous to drive that car. But it all worked out and we only used her car for like three days, so it was okay. And we got a new car on Saturday. We were informed though that there were three other accidents last week, but we were the only ones that it wasn't our fault. Which is probably really frustrating for Elder Batchelor. And apparently some of those areas won't be getting new (used) cars. They have to just deal with it. But things are good here in Sandy Creek because it wasn't our fault. And we are back to normal.
OH! And our Zone Leaders informed us that our area is being split, so we are pretty stoked about that! Our Bishop was/is so excited! It's going to be so good for the ward to have two sets of missionaries. Our ward boundary is HUGE! I'm so excited for this next transfer! It's going to be so great! 
Our missionary week was pretty good. We didn't really get to see how it turned out because church was cancelled yesterday because it snowed and iced and we had disgusting weather yesterday. It's still pretty frigid. But we're managing! ... Onward Christian soldiers.... 
As for everything else, I'm doing pretty well. I must add this in though: please don't come pick me up. I've been picturing stepping off that airplane into the dry, Utah heat for 14 months now. Please don't deprive me of that. :) But as for coming back after that-- YES!!! That would be so great! I'm totally down for a road trip to Nauvoo and also a tour of the mission!! :) yeah! :) sounds good to me! Also, I've been planning that the first thing I do after I get released is head straight to the lake. And possibly go knee boarding. :) I'll wear my skirt. I don't even care if I don't have a swim suit. I definitely need some lake time. :) 
I hope you are all well! I love hearing from you every week! I miss you and love you! The gospel is so true! And as we buck up and share it, we are blessed SO much! 
Peace and blessings.
Sister Sadie Leavitt
Oh. P.S. I met Sister Black on Saturday. Ari's mom. Benjamin's mother-in-law. Yep. I met her finally. hahahaha. 

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