hey ya'll.
holy smokes. this week was sooooooooo amazing, long, fast, funny, Spiritual, and whatever other emotions missionaries feel. we were so busy on some days, but then so NOT busy at random times of the day.

But General Conference was AMAZING! can we just focus on that for a minute? Whoo.
okay. yep. that was one AMAZING conference. I just love General Conference. However, I'm pretty sure we justwatched Conference. Has it really been six months already? Yeah, yeah it has. But some of my favorite talks were in the Sunday Sessions. And the VERY last one of the Saturday Afternoon. Loved it. My questions were answered and it was wonderful. I also loved how Saturday morning was slightly on the major rebuking side of things, but still SO loving! Plus, I'm suuuuuuuper stoked to listen to the Priesthood Session! We've been having a lot of people with issues with women not holding the priesthood-- feeling like God loves women less... Which is completely untrue! I absolutely love being a woman! I was reading in Alma the other day about the stripling warriors and whose testimonies did those 2,000 young men rely on? Their mothers'. Those mothers knew their purpose and knew how important trusting in God was, and because of that testimony, their sons were spared. It's the same today-- mothers have a responsibility to teach their children the truth and how to stand courageously (just like we were taught in Conference this weekend) for truth and liberty! It's such a fascinating concept and so deep. But so real. We all have specific and individual purposes; none greater than the other-- equal but not the same. We have different roles, because we are different. And that is okay.
I love the gospel. I love being a missionary.  "If we do what's right, we have no need to fear, for the Lord our Helper will ever be near."
Sister Sadie Leavitt

P.S. Sorry it's short and kind of soap-boxey, but that's all I feel to write today. P.P.S. Ya'll should remember to update my blog. :) A member looked at it this week and it's been a while. :) Love you. :)

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