15 Scripture Study Tips For When You Only Have 5 Minutes To Spare

Life is busy. Life is so, so busy. Between work, school, feeding yourself (and your family!), fulfilling callings, volunteering, checking & posting on Instagram or Facebook (we all do it), taking care of kids, sleeping, cleaning house, etc., etc. sometimes scripture study can get lost in the long list of to-do.
So today I'm sharing 15 scripture study tips for when you just don't have a ton of time to spare.

1. Listen to the scriptures instead of a podcast.

2. Read a verse, sing a hymn or primary song, and write down what you're grateful for.

3. Watch a Conference Talk or Mormon Message

4. Share a verse on social media & why it is important to you.

5. Leave a copy of The Book of Mormon in the bathroom and read that instead of using your phone. (You know you do that so stop judging)

6. Listen to the scriptures while you shower, wash dishes, do laundry, or are driving.

7. Write your testimony in your journal. (We wouldn't have scriptures if they didn't write in their journals.)

8. Read your scriptures BEFORE scrolling through Instagram and Facebook in the mornings (I started doing this & it has completely changed my day)

9. Read the scriptures to your kids.

10. Pick a verse to memorize and practice memorizing throughout the day.

11. Listen to scriptures while exercising.

12. Ponder or meditate in a quiet place & seek answers.

13. Change the background of your phone to a scripture & read that when you have a second to spare. Change it often.

14. Write scriptures on your bathroom mirror/microwave(if the front is glass)/refrigerator with expo markers & read them every time you see them.

15. Take up a new hobby (like calligraphy, cross stitch, painting, etc.) and incorporate scriptures into your practice.

These tips aren't long term scripture study tips, they're tips to help you become consistent in taking time to study scriptures. Just like with swimming, if you start learning to swim by having to jump into the deep end, you might jump and learn to swim. But you also might get overwhelmed, scared, or anxiety and never jump or try. Don't be embarrassed to start in the shallow end. Consistency is key and as you begin to be more consistent, adding extra time and new study methods will be something you'll want to do. Don't run faster than you're able or bite off more than you can chew. Feasting on the Words of Christ happens one bite at a time. You've got this!
Do you have any quick scripture study ideas?? Tell me in the comments! I'd love to hear them! Let's share our ideas with each other to help one another come closer to Christ this holiday season. Together we can #LIGHTtheWORLD as we grow in our knowledge and love of the Savior. 

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