16 (March 30, 2014)

Hey Family, Things are going pretty swell here. I just don't even know what to write about. So this email is probably going to be super lame. So sorry. However, I'll have you know, I felt like a rock star when I logged in this morning. I had 36 emails! boo yah. hahahaha. You all are the best. Oh. I do have one thing to say. I am SO sick of cars. I hate them. We got a flat tire this week while we were at service. So then someone came and pumped it up for us and they checked it and said it was fine. Well then, the next day we were just driving, driving, driving and it went flat again. So we called the Elders and asked them to come help us. So they did. They put the donut on our car and then told me that I could only go up to 55 mph. THAT. IS. SO. DARN. SLOW. especially on the freeway. But I was obedient. Well, then this morning we had to go get it changed/fixed by real tire fixers. I'm just tired of dealing with cars. Sister Mendenhall (one of the Crystal City Sisters) and I are trying to get roller blades approved for proselyting purposes. We haven't had any luck yet, but it will come. We have President Interviews this week. We'll see what we can do. :) Oh. HILARIOUS story: So on Thursday, one of our investigators texted us and she was pretty distraught. So we talked to the Elders and asked them if they would be able to give her a blessing. They said they would, but we hadn't talked to her about getting one, so we told the Elders to be on stand-by. So we talked to our investigator about priesthood blessings and she said she wanted one. Then we called the Elders to give them the go-ahead. No answer. We called again. No answer. (So much for being on "stand-by") So we were trying to kill time and trying to get in contact with the Elders all at the same time. And I was also trying to call other Priesthood Holders. Well, no such luck. And then I stepped outside to take a call and out of the door went her little dog. So Sister Auble started chasing after the dog, and I started chasing after her because we had to be within sight and sound... Well the guy that called was our last hope if the Elders couldn't come. So as I was searching for Sister Auble/the dog, I called the elders one more time. Still no answer. Well, Sister Auble was done chasing the dog, so she told me that I had to go get it. (One thing that hasn't changed on my mission is that I still hate dogs....) But I wasn't about to lose our relationship of trust that we built with our investigator by letting her dog loose and losing it. So I went after the dog. After some juking out, and cornering it into the neighbor's play-set (oh, by the way, we're in the country. this neighbor was probably a half-mile away from the investigator's house...) I caught the dog. And I even picked it up. And then when I got back to Sister Auble, I shoved it into her hands and said, "You take it." And then I proceeded to call the Elders again because our investigator REALLY needed a blessing and I was pretty ticked at this point because they hadn't gotten back to us at all. Well, finally, they got back to us and told us they were on their way. Once they got to her house, they came inside and they started talking with her. She asked them a few questions, such as, "How did you become Elders?" the usual. Well, then we were like, "alright, should we do the blessing now?" And she said yes. So I got the chair and we asked her who she wanted to perform the blessing/be the voice. And she turned to Elder Randall and said, "Well, I don't mean to pick on you..." And Elder Randall was like, "It's fine, I understand." And then she said as she pointed to Elder Spencer, "But I think he's really attractive." BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And then Elder Spencer's whole head went completely red. It was the funniest thing I had ever heard.

But anyway. I hope you enjoyed that. I love you all.  Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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