24 hours

it's hard to really believe that this is my last full day in Rexburg. i have one test today, class in the afternoon, class in the morning tomorrow and then i'm on my way home! it just doesn't seem real. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited on the one hand, but on the other, i'm really gonna miss Rexburg and all of its loveliness.

this stop sign told me not to give up on love.

long boarding competitions... (yeah, i went to a long boarding competition)

shopping at wal-mart  (Mom, this picture was for you, I was being a Junior Ranger)

The Rexburg Temple. I LOVE this place and I'm really going to miss having a temple so close.

my FHE sisters. (at the long boarding competition)

Amberlie. I'm gonna miss this girl. she's my homie... lucky for her, I'm COMING TO CALIFORNIA to parrrrrrrtaaaaaaay for a few days in a few weeks! huzzah.

my FHE family. i'm going to miss these guys SO much. we had so much fun throughout this semester. they were seriously the best. 

decorating the apartment for birthdays. we had too much fun doing that...

Mary. i'm really gonna miss Mary and her deafness. she's hilarious.  "You can't come in at half-time and expect to play. But you can, because you're deaf..."

my roommates. this has seriously been such a great semester. i've grown so much because of these girls. they are so awesome. 

see? i told you they were awesome.

(apparently, i don't have a picture of just me and Christina. i'll get one today...) but i'm really going to miss Christina and her quiet sense of humor. if you really listen close, she says the funniest things. BUT YOU HAVE TO LISTEN! hahaha

I have been so blessed in my first year of college. I've had wonderful roommates both semesters. I was in a great ward with a great bishop(ric). I had a temple within walking distance. I had fantastic teachers. And I've learned a whole lot about myself and others. I'm kind of sad that I'm going home... kinda. 
I'm REALLY excited to go home. I miss it there. I'm excited to see my parents, my siblings, my aunts, my uncles, and all of my cousins! I miss those people so much! And I'm really excited to start working at the Shakespeare Festival again! (Come see me! Oh, and some plays!! They have some REALLY great ones this Season! like Les Mis!)
I'm also really excited to see what this next year has in store for me! (THIS TIME NEXT YEAR I'LL BE GETTING A MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't contain my excitement sometimes...) 
This bittersweet ending is the start of a wonderful new beginning. Here's to the next five months and then the next seven after that!

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