24 Things You Might Not Know About Parker

Today is Parker's birthday. For the last few weeks I've been adding things that I love about him and things that people might not know about him to a list for this post. Because he's turning 24, I decided 24 things was a good number. 

1. He is so dedicated to what he loves. He will never deny that he loves the raiders, cardinals, or wizards-- no matter how terrible their season is going.

2. He loves babies & kids so much. Any time we are with family, if he's not around, there's a good chance he's outside playing with the kids.

3. He works so hard but he also knows how to take time to play. Even to the point of playing too much or too hard. 

4. He makes me laugh and is constantly looking for ways to be happy or to make me happy.

5. I love that he takes such good care of me. I get sick pretty often and he is just the sweetest. (However, he does not allow too much whining, which is probably a good thing)

6. He shares his beloved pillow with me so I can cuddle with him at night. (His pillow is the comfiest pillow I've ever laid my head on)

7. He has the best laugh and laughs often. 

8. I love that he is always singing. One time when we were dating, I was at his house just chatting with his dad while I waited for him to finish getting ready and we could hear him singing from downstairs. And his dad said, "you know, I haven't ever heard him sing as much as he has since he started dating you." That just warmed my little heart. Plus his voice just makes me melt.

9. He has two faces; a beard face and a baby face. I love them both equally, but i would be lying if I said that I didn't laugh the first time he was clean shaven after we were married because he looked so different.

10. He is kind of a nerd. He downloaded Pokémon Go as soon as he could and knew all of their names. 

11. He loves puzzles and board games. He asks all the time if we can play games or do a puzzle. (But he will NEVER let anyone win, and if you DO beat him, he usually wants to play again... he's a little competitive;))

12. Parker loves bean burritos. He eats at least one almost every day.

13. His favorite genre of music is rap. Part of me thinks it's hilarious and the other part of me thinks it's totally cool. Bonus fact: his favorite rapper is NF. (But he also has a weird obsession with Eminem)

14. I love that Parker likes going for scooter rides. We haven't gone as much this year on account of his scooter being busted lately, but last year we went all the time and it rocked.

15. Parker lovvvves fish. Salmon to be exact. 

16. He can't stand snoring. Even his own snoring. (Which doesn't happen often)

17. People have discussions almost daily about whether his hair is red or not. What color do you think it is??

18. His beverage of choice is blue Powerade. 

19. He doesn't like condiments on his sandwiches.

20. He taught himself to juggle when he was a little kid & is a wiz at that paddle with a ball attached to a string thing. 

21. He puts French fries in his hamburgers and chips in his sandwiches.

22. His favorite tv show is The Office. He told me that he couldn't marry a girl that had never seen every episode of The Office (because I had never seen it & sort of refused to watch it) I have now seen every episode and I cried when it ended.

23. He drove four hours (one way) for our first date.

24. His food pyramid consists of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. Jk. It's just candy. All the gummy candies in the world-- he loves them all. 

Happiest birthday Park. I love you so much! I'm so glad I get to celebrate the fact that you were born even more today. "I don't know where I'd be without you here with me. Life with you makes perfect sense because you're my best friend." -- Tim McGraw

 Happy, happy birthday, love! Let's eat some cake!

photo by Debby Leavitt Photography

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