25 things i love about parker

my main squeeze turns 25 tomorrow (october 14) & i'll take any chance i get to talk about parker, so of course, i couldn't stay silent on his very own holiday! parker is my very best friend in the whole world & i'm so glad i get to keep him forever. i love parker for so many reasons but here are the first 25 things that came to mind.


1. i always know how parker feels. he never ever hides his feelings.
2. he has the best laugh in the whole world. it's so contagious. plus he has the best sense of humor. he's always ready to laugh.
3. he is incredibly passionate. (just ask him about the raiders, wizards or cardinals)
4. he's insanely loyal. (i mean he's been a raiders fan for literally 14 years... they were just awful for 12 of those years...)
5. he is THE best back tickler in the world. idk if that's weird, but i'm dead serious. if it is weird, just deal.
6. he's got a killer smile. thank you kelvin + jodie for the braces back in 2009. they were a real positive in his life.
7. parker has an insane amount of common sense. 
8. he's a good time guy. he loves to have a good time. 
9. he's a homebody. (which seems contradictory to number 8, but it's not-- he's very balanced in his good time-ness + homebody-ness)
10. he let's me call him names like, "p-diddle," "p-swizzle," "pbanks92," "parkie," and "park." the last of which only his dad & some other guy in his ward call him. 
11. he is SO supportive. if he had a dollar for every photoshoot he's come to, he'd have a lot of dollars.
12. he is the best kind of friend to have. parker is super into sports, but also kind of nerdy, he likes video games but also can have a conversation with anyone. 
13. parker has an incredible ability to empathize & sympathize... when he wants to...
14. he's a huge softie that loooooves babies + puppies. our mackie is so, so loved by parker. i can't even wait to see him as a dad.  
15. he's not the best texter in the world but he tags me in the funniest memes, soooo
16. he always invites me to go to lunch with him when he knows that i'm near his work.
17. we have a secret handshake that we perfected while we were dating.
18. we also have a secret code that started when we were dating. weird? maybe. but i don't even care.
19. when we walk around sketchy people, he always switches me sides of the sidewalk so i don't have to walk by them.
20. he LOVES the office + parks & rec and forced me to watch them. i will forever be indebted to him for introducing me to some of my favorite shows.
21. he pushes me outside of my comfort zone & helps me to be a better human.
22. he helps me to stick up for myself but also tells me to "chill my beans" when i get too feisty.
23. he loves God + Jesus Christ & honors the priesthood. 
24. he finds good deals on REALLY cool stuff + is weirdly good at getting free stuff places.
25. he is the best husband. whether he's encouraging me to brush my teeth, holding me when i'm having a hard day, tickling my back, playing with my hair, telling me jokes, or tucking me into bed he's always smiling at me or telling me how much he loves me. even when he's mad at me, he tells me how much he loves me. i don't know what i did to get him, but i'm glad i did it!


happy birthday, love bean. i can't wait to eat mcdonald's for breakfast! (legit. he had the choice of ANYWHERE for his birthday breakfast and he chose mcdonald's....) i have loved celebrating you all week & i am so, so happy you were born and that you chose me. i am the happiest girl in the whole world. me & mackie are so lucky to have you in our lives. i hope you have the happiest of birthdays sweetheart. i love you!

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