5 must-have wedding photos at the salt lake temple

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if you're getting married this summer at the salt lake temple, there are a few places that you NEED to take pictures at. it's almost tradition, but also these spots are PERFECT for gorgeous wedding photos & there's still endless opportunities to have DIFFERENT wedding photos at these points, so you can still be creative while hanging onto a few traditions. 

1. the pedestal.
this shot is iconic, yet also gives you a stunning view of your wedding venue. this spot provides ample amounts of opportunities to get a creative shot with the gorgeous temple in the background. 


2. the stairs. 
it'd be a crying shame to not take a picture (or TEN) on the stairs. these gorgeous granite staircases deserve a little photo time. i personally love to take pictures of my couples in lots of different poses on the stairs-- standing, sitting, walking up, walking down, etc. 


3. the alcove IN the stair cases.
these alcoves are PERFECT if your wedding dress has a train. it's an easy way to show off your train, yet also a cozy, romantic spot for a few pictures with your groom.


4. the round parts of the walls. (i don't know what else to call these)
i love, love, love the creative shots that can be taken by these guys. i also love that they can become perfect frames. i just love them.


5. the flower garden by the olive trees.
the olive trees offer a really neat backdrop, but one of my favorite places (especially in the spring while the trees are still blossoming) is right behind the olive trees. there are GORGEOUS cherry blossom trees that have the most beautiful light during in the early evening. (trust me, emily & chandler's bridals prove that for sure)

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