5 Pieces of Parental Advice from Parents

everyone knows that as soon as you announce... well, anything, you're going to get unsolicited advice. (no, this is NOT an announcement) now, a lot of said unsolicited advice is the kind you nod at, sometimes offer an, "oh thanks, i might try that," and then go on with your day completely forgetting or trying to forget the advice given. HOWEVER, there are often little gems that SHOULD be taken. i asked a few moms what their favorite pieces of parental advice was. these five were their favorite pieces of advice.

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1. take a picture instead of getting mad
2. don't worry about messes; let your kids play and play with them
3. read to your kids every day

4. enjoy every stage & look for the good in every stage
my little brother had a really strange stage where he would dress up like this... and my mom would let him go outside and to other places. dressed like this. don't worry, they grow out of it. and then it's sad! so i definitely agree with this one! enjoy every stage!

5. remember they are little & let them be little-- don't make them grow up too fast 

what are YOUR favorite pieces of parental advice? 

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