5 services EVERY photographer should use

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i'm getting into the groove of things with my bloggers this year & i am so excited to share 5 of my favorite services & websites that i use to streamline my business & make things easy on everyone's part! i use each of these programs daily & seriously love them. 
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1. honeybook
honeybook is the program i use to streamline the business end of my business. i am able to receive inquiries, email clients, send online contracts, allow my clients to pay with credit card, and keep track of all of the projects i'm working on through honeybook. it is where i "keep it all in one place" and it is SO nice. i love how simple it is to put all the stuff that has to get done, but can easily get lost into ONE place. when you join honeybook, they give you an opportunity to learn more about honeybook via videos and webinars. i also love that honeybook has their own community, in connection with the rising tide society. you can connect to creatives nearby & even share projects or collaborate with others! #communityovercompetition at its finest!


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2. PASS+
ya'll when i first started as a photographer, i was rollin on the flash drive train. then i moved over to the google drive train. and now i am forever a fan & will always & forever use PASS+ to deliver client galleries. it is SO easy & fast to upload photos to galleries. once photos are uploaded, i can send the client an email directly from PASS+ letting them know their photos are ready AND THEN they have the opportunity to download, print, or share the photos on social media. PASS+ is super user friendly for not only me, but my clients too! when a client first receives their gallery, it walks them through exactly how to use their gallery, view their photos, save their favorites & share them with their loved ones.

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3. pinterest
when it comes to sharing your work in an online setting, of course you’ll need a website. but then you need a platform to SHARE the things you put on your website. you can only rely on word-of-mouth marketing for so long. here’s where pinterest comes in. pinterest is built more like a search engine rather than a social media platform. in fact, that’s exactly what pinterest is: a visual search engine. i tripled my pageviews in three months with pinterest. that’s TRIPLE the amount of people seeing my work than normal. i am all about that. using keywords, hashtags, group boards & being an active pinterest user can really give your business a huge boost. 


4. lightroom (obvs)
i started my photography editing journey with lightroom & i cannot give it enough praise. it is so user friendly, helps my photos look the way i want them to & is only $10.67/month. (you also get photoshop with this package) it is SO worth the money. when i first started as a photographer, i was nervous about editing my photos because the “great photographers” didn’t edit theirs. THEY SHOT ON FILM. what i didn’t understand is that the greats did edit. they used chemicals to manipulate their photos to look the way they wanted them to. digital editing is no different. (HOWEVER, i never, ever, ever edit bodies to look a certain way. that’s not okay.) like i said earlier, lightroom is affordable & super user friendly. i love that i can quickly edit my sessions with lightroom.  if you’re not using lightroom, i HIGHLY recommend it.  

5. photo native
i am a huge fan of photography conferences and workshops, but i have a greater love for photo native than any other. i just signed up for my third year at photo native & i cannot wait!! if there was ever a place for the shy or introverted photographer, photo native is the place. you can read more about why i love photo native vs. other photography conferences here

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