5 Tips for Better Blog Photos

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I started working with exclusively with bloggers a little over a year ago and found a few things have helped me help them be more successful. Once these things were figured out, their content creation became faster, better and easier for both of us. These tips are from my own personal experience, but I’ve seen them work and know that these things can help you too.

  1. Choose an aesthetic that matches your own personal style
    I recommend choosing 1 staple color and 2-3 complimentary colors. Once you’ve picked your color scheme, stick to them. My staple color is yellow & I try to make sure that it is in every picture in some way (ie: I’m wearing something yellow, there are yellow flowers, I’m in front of a yellow wall, etc.) Then my complimentary colors are white, black and green. When I choose locations, I make sure that those colors are either the natural surrounding colors or I find a fun wall that is one of those colors.

  2. Learn how to use a DSLR or hire a photographer that matches your style
    Using a DSLR is automatically going to up your photo game simply because the photos are higher quality. Using a DSLR, you are able to control much more of the photo taking process and it allows you to be able to shoot consistently, which will make editing consistently much easier. Hiring a photographer for every shoot may not be something that is within your budget, but having professional photos will help your feed look that much better. When looking for a photographer, make sure you look for someone who has a similar style as your own and is consistent in their own work. (If you’re in Northern Utah, I’ve got contracts specifically for bloggers to help you keep costs low and get all of the content you need, so if you’re looking for a photographer, let me know! I’d love to work with you!)

  3. Plan ahead
    Knowing the types of shots, location, and feel that you want for your photos will enable you to be more successful in creating those photos.

  4. Choose locations that fit within your aesthetic
    If your aesthetic is more of a nature vibe, having random photos of you in front of cityscapes is going to look and feel weird to your followers. If your aesthetic is more light and bright, having moody photos isn’t going to fit well into your feed. Consistency is key when it comes to photos. My ultimate goal for my photos is for someone to look at it and say, “Sadie took that photo” because then I know that I’ve established my style and aesthetic.

  5. Edit your photos consistently
    This goes hand in hand with tip #2 - learning to edit your photos consistently will take your brand to a whole new level. Having consistent edits will help your followers and the companies that you work with know exactly what they’re getting. If your editing isn’t consistent, it’s hard for brands to hire you because they won’t be able to imagine what the campaign with you may look like.

What things have you found to help you be successful when taking blog photos?


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