I am so excited to be able to serve mission! I am so excited to be able to go and meet and teach the people of St. Louis!

I just want to seriously thank everyone who has supported me in this decision. And for being so excited for me, that has been so helpful on the hard days! And I love all of you guys-- seriously.

Oh. FYI. My wonderful momma is going to be posting my weekly emails on my blog during my mission! And I have made it super easy for all of you awesome readers to be able to see them while my Facebook account is closed down for the next 18 months (starting in January)! See that awesome "follow by email" bar? Well, type in your email and get yourself on the list! Do it. Seriously, it is so easy!

Alllllllllllllllllso. I got my temple recommend from my Bishop today. Now I just have to talk to my buddy, President Jensen, and I will be able to go through the temple!!!! But more on that later!

58 days, folks. 58 days!

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