A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser

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A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser by Good Grief Journals

How the A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser came to be:

This time two years ago, my husband and I were wondering how we would be able to save up enough money to do IVF. Then in true Christmas miracle fashion, we were blessed with incredible opportunities and the support of so many friends and strangers to aid us in paying for the IVF cycle that resulted in our sweet Berkeley girl.

This year, I wondered how I could help. While I can't gift someone the full $10,000 myself, I know-- first hand-- the power of lots of small donations. By small things TRULY great things are brought to pass. With the help of as many people as possible, Good Grief Journals is going to give one family $10,000 this Christmas for a cycle of IVF.

For the next 9 days, 30% of all profits from Good Grief Journals will go to the A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser!

If you would rather just donate, you can send donations to @sadiebanks on Venmo. 100% of Venmo donations will go to the fundraiser.

Nominate someone by filling out THIS FORM.

This is the most magical season. Let's help make magic and change someone's life this season!! We can do this with your help!

How to Nominate Someone to be the Recipient of the Fundraiser

Trying to conceive is so hard. It feels even harder at Christmastime when all the hustle and bustle is centered around the magic of families. I know that each year the only thing that those who are trying to grow their families truly want for Christmas is a baby.

That's why this year, Good Grief Journals is doing the A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help someone get closer to their dream of getting a baby for Christmas.

Nominate someone by filling out THIS FORM.

It is important to note the following:

The funds will not be transferred to the winner until there is $10,000 to give away. We will continue to raise funds until we reach our goal of $10,000.

The recipient of the funds must be located within the United States, however, nominations may come from anywhere worldwide.

The amount of nominations received will NOT increase your chances of being selected. We are looking for sincere nominations from friends/family members of couples who are trying to conceive. Please keep this in mind as you make your nominations.

Nominations close at MIDNIGHT (PST) on December 23rd. The Nominator and Nominees will be notified privately and announced on December 26th, if permission to share is granted by the Nominees. The Nominator will remain private throughout the entire process.

The winner will be hand-selected by the Good Grief Team. There will be no bias toward affiliation with Good Grief Journals. There is no purchase necessary to nominate or to receive the funds and donating or purchasing will not increase your chances of being selected.

Nominate someone by filling out THIS FORM.

Thank you so much for recognizing and supporting your friends who are trying to grow their families this holiday season. Your support means so much more than you know.


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