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If you've ever been TTC (trying to conceive) during the holidays, then you know that the question of, "What do you want for Christmas?" only has one answer. And that answer is something that nobody can actually give you. All you want for Christmas is a baby.

For 3.5 years, I was that girl that only wanted a baby for Christmas and I purposefully avoided social media during the holidays because I knew that so many lucky couples would be announcing their pregnancies or births during the holidays and those announcements would send me spiraling into a dark place.

I wanted so badly to be able to enjoy the holidays, but being infertile made it so hard to do so. I wanted to share my Christmas happenings and enjoy my friends' Christmas experiences, but again, one pregnancy or birth announcement would pop up and I would struggle so badly.

During our first Christmas with our miracle IVF baby, I couldn't help but think about all of the women and families out there who were experiencing what I had experienced years prior. I wanted so badly to be able to give them what they wanted. A baby. And then, one evening as I was thinking about them, an idea came to me. What if I COULD give them what they wanted? Or at least a shot at what they wanted?

WHAT IF I raised $10,000 for some family to be able to further their fertility treatments or do IVF?

With basically no planning and only 10 days until Christmas, I announced the A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser. I had 10 days to raise $10,000. It was so daunting, but something inside me KNEW that it was possible. I KNEW that with the help of lots and lots of people, we would be able to raise money for one special family.

With over 500 donations in 10 days, we were able to raise the $10,000 for our A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser. WE DID IT. And it was AMAZING.

We opened nominations for recipients. And the nominations FLOODED in. We had over 1,300 families nominated! (Talk about intimidating) On the night of Christmas Eve 2020, we stayed up way past midnight pouring over each and every nomination. We read every story, cried so many tears of empathy, and slowly but surely whittled the nominations down to two. We read through both nominations again and realized that the couple that was nominated in the stories that we had narrowed down were the SAME, but nominated by two different friends unknowingly.

Christmas morning, we contacted the friends that had nominated the couple and set a time to call the couple together to let them know of their Christmas Gift.

The phone call with this family was so special. As we shared with them the gift of A Baby for Christmas (or at least a shot), it was incredible. And at that point, I KNEW that we HAD to do this again and we made the decision to make A Baby for Christmas an annual fundraiser.

For A Baby for Christmas 2021, we decided to begin fundraising early because we upped the game and are hoping to gift TWO families $10,000 for a shot at A Baby for Christmas this year.

We are hosting a Christmas in July Raffle to raise funds for A Baby for Christmas 2021 and we have teamed up with over 15 different businesses to offer prizes for our raffle!

This year, we are partnering with the following companies to bring you our Christmas in July Raffle:Cuts By Clancy
Icing on Top Bakery
Dear Sunshine Paper Co
LK Cooking
Make A Day
Made for Mama Shop
Read the Room Clothing
Warehouse 55
The Mayan Collective
Little Ella Rae
The Cluttered Wall
Nurture By Imalac
Three Little Peaches Studio
La Petite Pineapple
Erin McKay Photography
Rock Paper Sisters
Claire and Bella Co
A Prioritized Marriage
Taylor Made Cakery
My Therapy Soap

ALL proceeds from our Christmas in July Raffle will go straight to the A Baby for Christmas 2021 Fund! You can purchase Raffle Tickets HERE.

The Christmas in July Raffle will take place on July 24, 2021 at 8pm Mountain Time on Instagram LIVE at @goodgriefjournals. Winners of raffle items will be notified via email after the end of the Instagram LIVE. There are SO MANY GOOD PRIZES. You do not want to miss this so be sure to head to our Raffle Tickets page and snag yours today!

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