a picture is worth 1000 words. so here are three. (June 30, 2014)

Hey Family.

I have no words to describe how this week went. Seriously. It was THE best!! So I'm just going to send some pictures and hopefully, you'll get the idea of how AMAZING it was!
So we had one awesome weekend!! Saturday morning Centralia Ward had THREE baptisms!! It was awesome! And the even cooler part was that at one point, Sister Oberfield and I were teaching all three of them!! It was the best ever. 
The Elders took over teaching TJ, so in that picture there is Elder Butler, Chad Hays, TJ, Elder Mattson and then me! 
In the next one, there is Sister Montgomery, me, Alexus, Gracey, Kaylee, Brooklynn, Felix, Shawna, Addalyn (the baby Shawna is holding), and then Beau Waggoner. BAH. My heart is still so happy!
And the last one-- we were able to go up to Decatur, Saturday night for a baptism of a man that Sister Montgomery taught!! So in that one is Elder Wilkinson, Randy, Sister Montgomery, Sister Calton, and Sister Auble!
bah. Saturday and then Sunday were just the best ever!! Felix, Shawna, and TJ were all confirmed in Sacrament Meeting. And golly. I am soooooooooo happy!! Missionary work is the best!! there is NOTHING better. I'm telling you. NOTHING. try it if you don't believe me. I dare you.
Pretty much, my life is wonderful. Being a missionary is fabulous. It's almost like I'm not even coming home for another two weeks. We have much to be excited for.  Salem. Out.
Work hard. Play hard. Die hard. Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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