be YOU bravely.

First things first, I've noticed that I start 98% of my posts with "So lately..." And I have other favorite filler words and phrases that I use all too often. I don't want to stay stagnant in my writing. That being said, I'm trying to cut those filler words out OR use other words and phrases. It's definitely a process. But I'm working on it.
Okay. Let's delve right in to the actual point of this post.

i've been reading Gretchin Rubin's book, The Happiness Project. the whole premise of this book is about Gretchin's personal search for happiness. she sets goals and makes rules that are designed to help her to be happier. she named her 12 rules that had to be kept The 12 Commandments. one of The 12 Commandments was to "Be Gretchen." or rather, if something took her away from her actual self or made her feel fake, it broke the commandment.

i have a deep desire to Be Sadie; not only that-- but to Be Sadie in the most authentic of ways. 

especially on my blog. 

i've been torn with trying to start a few businesses (which includes advertising for other businesses and also those fabulous self promotions that everyone hates) and just blogging, doing photography, and having a bunch of wedding decorations for the mere fun of it.

i love blogging. i love sharing my experiences and my feelings on the topics that seem to grab my attention and hold it until i write about them. blogging is an outlet for me. writing is freeing and satisfying (for the most part).
photography is one of my most favorite things ever. i've been fascinated with photography, the editing process, and capturing the happy moments of people's lives since high school. it's exhilarating to be able to look at photos that I have taken and be surprised at the results-- not because i haven't practiced or taken classes or read articles or watched videos or practiced to improve my photography. but because i can literally see my own improvement. and that is exciting! 

i'll admit, four months ago, i didn't ever see myself renting out much of anything (besides the basement apartment in the home I owned... That's just a daydream though) but when Parker and i were in the wedding planning stage, my perfect wedding dreams were ALMOST crushed by the expensive prices for EVERYTHING. after we bought everything, we felt like it would be a waste to just let all of our cute wedding decorations sit and collect dust. we didn't want other people to go through similar things. we realized that this would be an easy way to pay it forward. and our wedding rentals business was born. 

i want to keep my blog, but i also want my blog to continue to grow. i want my photography to continue to improve, but i also want to own a successful photography business. i want to help others. i want to meet new people and make new friends all over the world! i want to blog about anything and everything! i want to write daily. i want to take pictures every weekend. i want people to share my writing and work with others if they like it. i want to collaborate with different people and businesses. i want to join affiliate programs. And i'm trying to do all of these things. 

i don't want to be annoying. i don't want to "over post." i don't want to lose friends, acquaintances, or even readers i don't know.

i'm still trying to figure out the best way to go about everything, especially when it comes to advertising, marketing, and my posting schedule! please forgive me for my lack of experience in that regard! this really is trial and error-- well and reading lots of articles and watching lots of videos and living life! i'm also making the promise here and now that any company or person that i choose to team up with, i am teaming up with because i truly like and use their product! 

over all though, i want to be myself.  i want to Be Sadie.  i want to be ME bravely.

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