best. day. EVER.

this has been the best day.  EVER.  and it's only MONDAY. 
here's the breakdown.
I woke up.
Then I read my scriptures. (About Abinadi. <--- that's probably why this day has been so dang good)
Then I wrote more of my newest book. (it's coming along great)
Then my mom texted me and told me that I got a letter! (seriously, this news made my life.)
Then I hemmed my pants.
Then I went to work. (here's where it gets SUPER awesome. hold on tight)
Then there were homemade chocolates in the T Room.
Then we got the show started.
Then Geneil and Shaye told me that we got AWESOME seats for Les Mis tonight. (E1, E2, E3-- for those who don't know, that's FIFTH ROW. CENTER. baboom.)
Then Tanner found lemon bars. So we ate them.
Then Andrew came and brought us tarts. for FREE. and they had a plethora of my favorite kind-- apple cinnamon.
Then this nice old man gave us MORE HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES.
Then there was a puppy.
THEN. it rained. like a lot. thunder. lightning. the works.
don't believe me? look at the pictures. proof, my friends. i have proof.

eating the delicious goodies that Andrew brought us.

the chocolates that the nice old man brought us.

the pouring rain. see that puddle?? yeah, it's like a foot deep. too awesome.

Les Mis ticket!! yahoo!!

a [blurry] close - up. (my phone's camera isn't that fantastic. give it a break)
Les Mis was soooooo incredibly good! If you haven't seen it, seriously, get on the ball and find a day when it's not sold out and go see it. It is marvelous. Oh, and bring yourself some tissues because you're gonna need them.

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