sometimes I love my job. other times, I do not.
today I had a little bit of both of those feelings.

grab a tissue. the part where I do not love my job is kind of sad.

today, I got that awful, awful call where someone says, "Sadie. There's a dead ______ outside. You need to take care of it."


today, it was a hummingbird.
the poor little guy ran straight into the window. and his little hummingbird heart (or neck) couldn't take the impact.

so. I grabbed a pair of gloves and went outside.
I started to grab the little guy, but I couldn't do it. I just couldn't.
luckily, Angie was there and she had my back. she picked him up and disposed of him properly.

now for the good news.
sometimes, we just have parties at work.  for no. good. reason.  actually, yeah. we have a good reason. we like to party.  today, we had a party. with pizza. and cookies. and sodas. boo yah grandma.
well peace yo. gotta go watch some Downton Abbey. 

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