bittersweet end.

Yesterday was such a good day! The weather here in Rexburg was beautiful, I did well on my American Foundations final, I got to hold Baby Palmer, I got free food, I am all packed and ready to go home, and I listened to my new favorite song about a billion times.
But today is going to be bittersweet. You see, today is my last day being roommates with my homeloaves Kim and Kellie. They were too rad and I'm going to miss them a bundle! 
Baby Mouth = Baby Pickles... Big Mouth = Big Pickles

I love how awkward this picture is.

this is what "going to Art" looks like...

Broken dishwashers are no fun.

Happy Swednesday Yo.

figure it out...

Kellie thinks she's a giant... and me and Kim match.

my face is a face of terror. I had no idea she was going to lift up her leg. I was unprepared for that moment in my life.

thizz face.

look at that form...

the real deal.

cartwheels in footie pajamas are the funnest. 

And then there's Kim, who just makes us all look bad.

the four of us with our wall.

This semester has been awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I've learned so much about myself, others, the world, and life in general. I'm so grateful for the experiences I've had and for the wonderful people I've been able to come in contact with. I'm grateful for the late nights, the laughs, the frustrations, the cleanliness of my apartment, the bonding moments, the alone time, the hilarious cat videos, the inside jokes, the trips to D.I., the walks to the temple, the music, the Chinese at the Crossroads, the Last Poet Standing, the creepin, the dancing, the ugly sweaters, the fake engagement rings, the road trips, and so much more! 

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