"bonnie and clyde died on my birthday!"

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Everyone, today is my very best friend in the whole world's birthday.

Rachel... where to begin?? This girl. She is my best friend in the whole world. I don't know where I would be without her. We have had some of the best times ever. There was the time when we got pulled over for suspicious activity... or the times we went to BYU Basketball Camp... or the times we went to California... or the time we went to Vegas for that date... or the time we tried to get her mom a date on the highway... or the time we had a Jedi war in the Wal-Mart parking lot... or the time she almost killed us by driving angrily... or the time we got over 100 cars to wave at us... I could go on ALL day long. My best friend is the coolest. We laugh about EVERYTHING and just have a blast all the time.

takin' a ride down memory lane...

this is the usual...

road trippin'

creepin it... hard core

this is normal


Utah fan??

right before we almost died..

best picture ever.

straight up g..

waving to the cars...

temple trips!!

blast from the past. holy smokes. this was so long ago.

oh gosh...

this is the only time I ever beat her up..

Mongolian BBQ!!!

it is times like this that I realize how tall she actually is...

basketball tournaments...

elevator rides. :)

powder puff! :)

Rachel and her cat...



grad night. 

senior prank.

her ping pong paddle



Track State.

Jedi war....

Jedi war... oh man...

awkward friendships...

cheerleader faces...

THE date

the cheerleader face yet again.

best friends.

ballers. shot callers.


sour patch faces.





california... yet again.

best. friends. ever.

asking boys to reverse.

hula hooping in Wal Mart.

there are no words..

football games!

I can't even remember what this was about.


"All black people are cute when they're babies. And then they grow up to be obnoxious." -- Rachel Connie Morris

"They think we have no heart, but really we have no souls." -- R.C. Morris

"If I had to get whipped, my kids are going to get whipped. How can I control them if I can't beat them?!" -- Rachel

"I was never a slave but I can imagine that THAT was what it was like!" -- Rachel

Girl #1 at BYU: "Where were you?!"
Girl #2: "I was getting my chapstick!"
Girl #1: "How long does that take?!"
Girl #2: "Like ten mintues!"

"It was a BIG dog..." -- Sadie

"Be nice to ugly guys. They have hot friends." -- Rachel

"Can we have your number, we'll never call you, but we really need your number..." -- Sadie

"He's just intimidated by your beauty!" -- Mojave kid

"Wow. That was magical." -- Announcer

"Idlest!!" -- math class. bahahahaha

"Give me your car, your money, get in the car. Don't talk. When we get to Salt Lake I want you to pretend that you don't know me!" -- math class...

"I learned it the hard way, you can't find love with a fake boyfriend!"

"Happy Eight Day!" -- Brian Reagan

"I broke my own heart and he doesn't even give a poo!" -- Rachel

"I'm gonna punch you SQUARE in the face!"

"You know, I would have been okay with a pound it..." -- Sadie

"Six bums! That is too many for one movie!" -- Rachel

"I HATE YOU! I'm just going to pet my mattress until I die!" -- Rachel

"Don't take pictures, HELP!" -- Mark's sister

"We're all gonna have cats." -- Rachel

"Don't ever, ever, EVER trust a hoe!" -- Rachel

"There are two kinds of people. The reacher and the settler." -- How I Met Your Mother

"Shaye, please don't say no to this one! PLEASE!!" -- Rachel

The Joseph Smith Chicken.

Rachel: "I don't think I can make it."
Sadie: "I don't think you can either. or do... that's cool..."

"TO THE HOOP!!!" -- obnoxious cheerleader

"I'm allergic to..." -- Rachel

Rachel's little voice: "I'm 17!"
Rachel's big voice: "NO ONE CARES!"
Rachel's little voice: "oh. okay..."


"The rest is still unwritten..."

But more importantly,


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