recently, i have seriously slacked in the blogging world... okay, in all of the social media world... 
and guess what?  i'm not even sad about it. in fact, i'm incredibly happy at this point.
see? look how happy i am.

right now, my life is so blessed. i could seriously go on for daaaaaaaays writing why i'm so blessed and telling you all about every little thing that i've been doing. why i'm so happy. and just all of the details of my life. i could write a post about "how to be happy."
but i won't. and here's why: because our happies (yep, just made that word up) are different. i can't tell you exactly how to live your life in such a way that you are as happy and stoked for life as i am. that's up to you. 
make your own happy moments. meet new friends. become a greater friend to a friend you already have. unplug. read a book. go on a trip. watch netflix. go back to school. buy a new shirt. organize your life. move to a different state. hold a baby. do something that scares you. write a letter. fall in love. eat cereal. visit your grandparents. take a selfie. go on a hike. go on a road trip. learn a new language. eat steak. give a gift. write in your journal. 
i don't know... do SOMETHING. 
all i can really tell you is that lately i've been too busy living life to even think about posting about it. and frankly, it's been the best ever. so sorry i'm really not sorry at all for my lack of postage and lack of detail (however, all of those things i mentioned are things that i've done recently... so i guess you could try one of those... but remember: our happies are different... get your own life, dang it. hahaha. sorry that was rude. but seriously. living vicariously through someone else is really just stupid. live your life and be happy!) 


.... maybe? 
"of this be sure: you do not find the happy life... you make it." {President Thomas S. Monson}

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