bridal showers & bachelor parties

parker and i have been SO blessed with amazing family members and friends!

i was able to have four bridal showers thrown for me and each one was exactly what i needed!

my first one was very small, but so fun! it was thrown by one of my bridesmaids and very best friends, emily. unfortunately, i only have one picture from this shin-dig, but it's a classic! and yes, it is an instagram screenshot. classy, i know.

my next bridal shower was thrown by my sisters. it was in my hometown and it was so fun to see so many people that i have looked up to and been friends with for so long!

this is the cute banner that my sister made!
my mom's sneaky way of trying to get rid of all of the left over christmas candy [this was five days after christmas]
the cute little sign my sister-in-law wrote!
donuts. donuts. donuts. donuts. they were actually laid out very pretty after this picture was taken. i was just too quick with my camera!
the water. and also the bowls and spoons for the delicious chili that my dad had made.
hot chocolate season is my favorite season.
my sister and a very tired #sweetgirl.
something you might not know about parker is that he LOVES babies. if there's a baby in the room, there's a 99% chance he's over playing with the baby OR holding it.
this picture KILLS me. parker AND #aminagirl? too much love in one picture.
my other niece just was not interested in having her picture taken. and then of course because i'm an awesome photographer, i didn't take any more pictures at this shower... but it was seriously SO fun!

my next shower was another chalk up for the worst life documenter in the world, because i didn't take any pictures there and i can't remember if anyone took pictures at all... BUT it was thrown for me by parker's homeward. they are seriously the sweetest ladies and it was so much fun getting to know them a little bit better!!

my last shower was thrown for me by my aunts and cousin elaine! like the others it was SO MUCH FUN! we ate breakfast, played a quick game about me and parker, and just visited! luckily for me, my aunts and soon-to-be mother-in-law were on the ball with the picture taking!

this is my mom, a few of her sisters, cousins and one of her aunts

a few of my cute cousins! twins. twins. cara.
me with a few of my cousins and second cousins. genes are strong in this family...
me with a few of my cousins.
my grandma and her sisters and my grandpa with the quilt that one of my great-grandmas made for me for my wedding.
my mom's side of the family-- well, some of the girls anyway...
US & OUR NEW HOUSE! HAH. just kidding. it's my aunt's house. but her doors are adorable!
helping gramps. isn't he the cutest?
me, gramps, grandmother, and parker. i love these people.
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parker's best friend planned his bachelor party. because we're lds, bachelor parties are a liiiiiittle bit (okay a lot) different than what you might think. parker's party consisted of his favorite things:

- playing basketball for hours
- eating tons of pizza and candy and drinking lots of soda
- playing fake poker
- hanging out with his guy friends doing guy things

this apparently was just one of their tables. and only 1/4 of the candy...
parker didn't win poker so his friends got to silly string him... cole silly stringed him right in his ear hole. HAHAHAHAHA.
and they decided to pay weston to eat ALL of the rest of the nasty jelly beans... obviously he didn't get them down...
when i saw him the next day, the first thing he said was, "i think i have a candy hangover. my head hurts SO bad." but then for the rest of the day he told me story, after story, after story of what they did that night and how much fun he had!

we have been so blessed with such great people in our lives and we are so grateful for the love and support that has been shown to us over the last few months!

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