Girls of 201 Perkins Hall are legitimate... oh and Joshua too.

we play guitar.

we serenade people.

we eat on trays when there isn't enough space at the table.

we smile for the camera

we are instructed how to jerk

we watch people's love grow across the lawn.

we do our homework like this sometimes...

we do cartwheels

we pose for the camera

we sing together.

we get hungry.

we go to church.

Kellie cooks.

we create horror films.

we find bunnies in potatoes.

we are roommates.

we never take bad pictures.

we laugh a lot.

we invite boys over.

we eat dinner with these boys.

we get locked out and have to make funny faces to each other.

we got game... or rather Amberlie has game.

we creep it. we creep it reaaaaaaaaal good.

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