california dreamin

This last week I was in a California dream.

I hopped off the plane at -- Bob Hope Airport...

My driver drove a sweet rig -- a Honda Civic.

I met the super star of the week -- my adorable niece.

I stayed at an oceanfront hotel -- for a good two hours.

I skipped rocks in the ocean with one of my best friends -- by skip rocks I mean I threw rocks into the ocean...

I went to the hood with my homegirl -- SammeG in small town California

My birthday and Christmas happened -- my new DSLR came in!

I photographed God's most amazing miracle -- my sweet baby niece.

We had in-home professional chefs bring us food for two days -- thank you Relief Society sisters!

I snuck into someone's bedroom to cuddle with them every morning -- there is nothing like newborn cuddles in the morning.

We took a grand adventure, one that had never been taken before -- baby girl went to the Post Office. [not inside, just to]

I felt miserable pain and wonderful healing all in one week -- pesky cold sores.

I fell in and out of love -- Ryan Reynolds falling in love with Sandra Bulloch kills me every time.

I went to a beach side wedding -- as I watched 27 Dresses with my sister.

I waited hand and foot on a princess -- and sometimes even changed her diaper.

I went running almost every day -- I ran those diapers straight to the trash can!

And I spent most days in my favorite outfit -- my pajamas.

So maybe it wasn't your idea of a California dream, but for me it was.

{check out my instagram for pictures! sadieleigh13}

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