california to shakespeare.

this last week of july has been AWESOME. i got the opportunity to go to Northern California to spend time with Amberlie before i started work. it was way fun. i didn't take very many pictures-- i should have taken more, but i didn't. oh well.

we found this while walking around Davis.

these cups were in this awesome bead store. it had SO many different kinds of beads. too cool.

Amberlie, me, and Brian at The Dark Knight Rises. it was SUCH a good movie. i loved it.

at the Davis Farmer's Market! it was huge! and we got super good cookies. and the BEST strawberries i've ever had. SO good. so. so. good.

old sac. way cool. we went to a museum, to a huge candy shop, to a costume store, and just walked around. it was way neat.

this beast was in the candy shop. 

the UC Davis arboretum. this was such a fun nature walk. it was HUGE and during the walk Amberlie and i had a good bonding conversation. it was a good way to end the trip. 

UC Davis! honestly, i had never heard of this place until january. and then there i was in their arboretum in july. i guess that's what i get for having roommates from northern california. hahaha
this was such a fun trip. i loved getting to know Amberlie's family and meeting some of the people that i've heard SO much about these last few months. Amberlie's family was so kind and generous! they always made sure to ask if i liked a certain type of food and they made chicken for me the night they had shrimp (i tried the shrimp though. it was a no go. i still don't like sea food. bleh. it's so weird.). they took me to all of these fun places and let me hang out by their pool! i felt like i had known them for so long because they treated me like they've always known me. it was so great.

after i got back from california, i went straight to cedar city. today, i started work at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. and let me tell you. i feel SO legit. they got these fancy new radios, i got a NEW NAME TAG (!!), a new jacket, and things are going great. 

look! my first AND last name.  supervising rocks. 
p.s. i have a post that i need to write from about a month ago when my mother, brother, and dear grandparents came to drop off the car for me to come home in... i'm just waiting for the pictures from my mom! (hint, hint. mom.)

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