Holaaaaa Familia!
So basically, I sent you all a written letter this morning because we have these strange rules about doing laundry in our new apartment. We live with members and they put stipulations on our laundry time so I had plennnnnnty of time to write a letter.
But here's a quick update for those who might not read that little guy. I'm in Cape Girardeau. Jonny served here. They all love him still. Brother Zaruba showed me some of Jonny and Whitney's engagement pictures. kinda weird. But cute I guess. We tract a whole heap here. And the dogs here are NOT chained up. It's cool though. I'm not scared...... psych. It's terrifying. We had dogs chase us two days in a row. (well, they didn't chase us but they ran straight up to us and growled and such. We tried really hard to just not look scared. I don't think we accomplished that, but we didn't get bitten so I think it was slightly successful)
Umm. I don't really know what else to write... I don't think that the washing machine thing was my fault either, but I took the blame anyway. I think that's called "being the bigger person"... but who knows. It's whatever. I moved out of that place... hahah.
As for the scriptures, I'll take the mini ones like Dad's. I really like those little guys. They're cute. And I'm sure they're not 50000000 pounds like the ones I have now. But I'll take those as an early birthday present. So if you get me some, don't worry about a present because honestly, there's nothing that you can really send. Unless you send me food gift cards. But really, don't send those. I don't need any of that junk. It's such a problem. I hate junk food these days...
Oh, my companion is Sister Furch and she's awesome. We play Uno sometimes. :) it's way fun. And we are kind of super close because we almost got eaten by dogs twice. Near death experiences bring kids closer together. It's a strange phenomenon.
annnnnnnnywho. love you all. I hope you enjoy school this week!!! hahahaha. that stinks.
you're all wonderful. write me some letters!! :) pleaaaaaaaaaaase. love,
Sister Leavitt

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