i originally wrote this post on december 17, 2015.

today i did something i always knew i would do, but had never really planned on doing it. i also never realized the emotional rollercoaster i would go on as i did what i did. i felt like crying. i felt like jumping for joy. i wanted to curl up in my bed and hide under the covers. i wanted to run around like a crazy kid and yell to the world that i....

changed my blog address & blog name.
seriously. i NEVER imagined the sad feelings that have come with starting to part with this blog. it's almost like saying farewell to a dear friend.

this post is probably more for me than it is for you, because i need a little bit of closure. (i never thought i would need "closure" on my single life...) but seriously, this blog has changed my life.

i started blogging in august of 2011. and since then, i've gained like 27 "followers." my blog has had over 30,000 page views. it's been viewed in over 20 countries including russia, ireland, the united kingdom, ukraine, australia, germany, france, mexico, and south africa. i've had the [not-so-favorite experience] of having people argue over my blog content (pornography is apparently a touchy subject...). i shared my first wedding session on this blog. my mission letters were shared on this blog. my dating escapades were shared here. when i found him, i shared it here. when he proposed, i shared it here. and this is my 300th and final post as livin' the dream.

through livin' the dream, i found confidence in my writing abilities. i set and accomplished goals with photography. i learned that even though there's a lot of hate in the world, there's still a LOT of love to go around. i recognized my support system. i felt loved, supported, encouraged, proud, (sometimes) embarrassed, happy, sad, a little bit protective, vulnerable, but mostly i have felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. i cannot even begin to describe the feelings of gratitude for every single person that has ever (and i mean ever) read my blog. so thank you.

just a few of my favorite livin the dream moments. (in no particular order)
senior prank.
freshman year of college.

being snoopy in a parade.
more college adventures.
swensday activities.
more swensday activities.
college adventures.
waving to 100 cars.
let me tell ya 'bout my bessssst friend!
light saber wars in public places.
basketball senior year.
high school best friends.
college adventures.
the shakespeare festival.
rexy in the chicken coop.
going on a mission!
#sweetgirl being so darn sweet.
my favorite picture of the salt lake temple that i've ever taken.
clancy's mission.
photography practice.
mckenna's senior pictures.
birthday dance parties.
cousin fun.
going back to the mission.
mission memories.
mission memories.
photography practice.
drill team pictures.
more mission memories.
my favorite mission email.
mission memories & life changing areas.
selfie with the mission president.
coming home.
coming home.
hugging my dad.
hugging my mom.
life changing posts.
my first maternity shoot.
photography practice.
photography practice.
late night summer adventures.
hiking hawaii.
beachin in hawaii.
pondering on rocks with the fattest braid ever in hawaii.
zion national park with #sweetgirl.
the subway.
my first wedding.
getting engaged.
my first wedding.
my first wedding.
sassy nieces.
silly nieces.
blessing days.

but now, it's time to say farewell. i'll definitely keep livin' the dream. because that's just what i do.

and last but not least, i need to give some major credit to carmina hughes for helping me not only with the design of this blog, but also my new look! we are still working on a few things so that's why it looks like the same. BUT SOON IT WON'T! and i am sooooo excited to share that with you!!

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