choices & trust.

lately, i've been learning a lot about trust. trusting God. trusting other people. trusting myself. it's been quite the adventure. there are days when i'm full of trust and i'll just go out on a limb and do whatever feels best.

but then the limb breaks or even just cracks and i start to worry that i put my trust in the wrong things. on those days, i feel like throwing in the towel and just choosing to watch netflix all day. because that's easier.

it's easier to not do anything at all. it's easier to throw the blame at Someone else. it's easier to be in a safe environment, where i can control the settings.

but actually, it's not.
the best things in life are usually scary. they usually involve change and uncertainty. they usually involve making choices. and choices usually involve accountability. and accountability is sometimes scary. 
right now, i'm in the process of trying to figure out where to go to school after i get my associate's degree. which means i'm trying to figure out where i want/need to be in about a year. it's a big deal. and it stresses me out. but i'm working on trusting God and trusting myself to make the right decisions. it's a process. but it's a good one. 
for those of you in similar boats here's some encouragement. these two videos are some of my favorites. {shout out to my pal, Elder Holland for giving both of these stellar talks and also for providing the wonderful quote at the beginning.} 

don't you quit. there are good things to come!
the best is yet to come.

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