Christmas Advice

Today, I am going to share a true story with all of you.

So, I thought that I would do something nice for my family today. Something that needed to be done. And something Christmas-y.

I thought I would put the Christmas tree lights on the tree. By myself. 

I began by getting three kitchen stools. so I could reach the top of the tree with lights. I started stringing the lights around the tree, like I had seen my Dad do so many times in my life. I went around, and around, and around. (our tree is pretty big) and then after about 20 minutes, I got to the bottom of the tree. it was time for the crowning moment.

when the angel gets put on the top of the tree.

 it's my favorite part of decorating the Christmas tree each year. I put a stool on top of our side table. Like this:

I made sure it was sturdy. [I wasn't going to get on that thing if it was just going to fall off] And then I climbed up-- angel in hand. I plugged her into the rest of the lights and then she just refused to stay standing. so I climbed down and grabbed one of my favorite inventions. rubber bands. I then climbed back up to secure our angel to the top of the tree. and once again, my handy dandy rubber bands didn't fail me. she stayed standing! so, I climbed down to the side table and jumped off. 

and as I was mid-air, it happened. I didn't even see it coming. and after, I couldn't see for almost ten minutes. 

I jumped straight into a tree branch. the branch penetrated my eye from all angles. luckily, I had my glasses on or I could be seriously blind right now. [probably not, but it's a dramatic effect] 

I hit the floor and rolled. my eye was


 me. and then I started crying. because my eyeball was on fire, I tell you. 

after my hysterics stopped, I plugged in the Christmas tree to see my work. I needed to see the fruits of my labors. 

and this is what I got. 

pardon the awful picture, I still couldn't see at this point.

the darn lights didn't even work. 

and then I looked at my eye after I could see again. It was red and starting to bruise. 


so, here is my Christmas Advice to all of you this lovely December day:

1. Don't let a pine tree punch you in the eyeball. 

2. Check your tree lights


 you put them on the tree.

3. Always wear your glasses. They could really save your eyes one day.

but don't worry. my eye is fine now! and the bruise isn't even that bad! you can barely see it! and my eye isn't red anymore!! 

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