Christmas. Part Two.

Shaye made us some suckers. The first few batches didn't turn out so well, thanks to our lack of a candy thermometer. But after we got ourselves one of those little guys, we were golden! 

Gingerbread Cookies. Made by my Momma. 

We went to the beach. I like that place. It is so pretty. 

Some of us kids. (Addie and Scott were elsewhere)

We like to party. We like, we like to party.

My cute Mom and Dad.

All of us kids. Parley pushed Shaye and that is why she isn't off of the ground. And neither is he. But we were getting tired of trying to get everyone, so this is the best we've got. 

We went to the LA Temple. It is gorgeous. I definitely recommend going there someday. 

I took these pictures for my Grandmas. Because the flowers there were beautiful!

More beautiful flowers.

The backside of the LA Temple. 

A giant windmill.

The Pacific Crest Trail... with a side of windmill.

This doesn't even do those hills justice. There were windmills EVERYWHERE!

Parley got a bow and some arrows!

His real bow and arrows!

Clancy's Mini Lightsaber!

Shaye got a paper dress and some curlers. (She is getting a real dress someday, but for now she'll just have to make do with the nice paper one that Santa cut out)

Addie got a new 5 Wood. Her favorite club. 

Scott and his tool chest.

My loot. It looks like I got a lot because, well, I kind of did. When you don't start college until January, you seem to get quite a bit of stuff for going up to the cold country.

My cute parents and their stuff.

Parley and his girl stuff.

working on Christmas dinner. 

More Christmas dinner prep.

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