classes: semester 2

Spring Semester is coming up quickly and I am SOOOOOOOOOOO stoked. I just registered for my classes all bright and early this morning and it was awesome. I prayed super hard last night that I could get all of the classes I wanted and guess what. The Lord came through. Like He always does. I got the classes I was hoping to get. 
For the first block: Preparation for Eternal Marriage (I am so excited for this class!!!), Humanities: Beauty & Creativity, Old Testament: part one, English 101 (bleh....), Color & Design (I would be super excited for this one, but it is online and I despise online classes, but that's alright. ya do what ya gotta do)
For the second block: Preparation for Eternal Marriage, Humanities: Beauty & Creativity, Book of Mormon: part one, Color & Design, and Child Studies: Infants & Toddlers
Oh, did I mention that in the first block I have ONE class on Fridays? Did I also mention that in the second block I have ZERO  classes on Fridays and only 2 classes every other day? Rad huh? And I'm still taking 16 credits. gosh I love BYU-I. It's theeeeeeeeee best. 

the best school ever.

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