This week I was thinking about the trees from Missouri and Illinois compared to the trees from Utah and Nevada-- especially around fall time. They are similar in a lot of ways. And yet, they are so different. 

The trees in Missouri and Illinois are beautiful. They change to reds, oranges, and yellows.
This is a picture from (or something like that...) I apparently didn't send any pictures of the gorgeous fall leaves home... selfish. oh well. Also, I've never been to Branson. But the leaves look about the same in Illinois... :)

The trees in Utah and Nevada have colors such as greens, yellows, and browns.

this is from google. I can't remember what the site was. So sorry. 

While it seems as though the Missouri and Illinois trees would take the cake in beauty... They don't. Because you can't compare them.

I couldn't compare their beauty because I couldn't say that the trees out west weren't beautiful because they didn't have as many [or any] reds or oranges. That would be untrue and unfair.

Just as the trees, we as women (and I'm sure men too), can't punish ourselves for what we DON'T have, WON'T have, or CAN'T have. So often we look at other people and put them on a pedestal because they are successful. They are happy. They wear cute clothes. They travel to really cool places. Etc. etc.

But guess what. We are different. We are different for a reason. We have different looks, talents and lives-- but that does NOT an any way make us less important or beautiful!

I got this from Pinterest. imagine that.

quote credit: Oscar Wilde.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Love God. 
And be happy.

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