So the other day, I was at Institute. Just minding my own business. Waiting for class to start.

The teacher walked in and asked if I would play the piano. (After being chastised many times on my mission for "not sharing my talents" I try not to say no.) The teacher asked if I would play Hymn 272. A rather obscure hymn. One I had never even heard, let alone played or practiced. I mentioned this fact to him and he replied, "well, just go practice and if someone else can play it then you won't have to."

A fair enough deal. Challenge accepted.

Well. Class started and nobody offered to take my place. We plowed through that hymn like a bull in a china closet. It. Was. Horrible. I mean, I'm sure it could have been worse, but it was pretty bad.

Fast forward fifteen minutes or so. We began this "get to know you scripture study" thing with partners.

My partner sits down and says, "That was a very valiant effort on the piano."

.... A very valiant effort? Gee, thanks. 
I just stared at him. And then said, "hah. yeah, I had never even heard that song before."

And then he said it. He replied with, "One of the Zone Leaders on my mission LOVED that song, so I got reaaaaally good at playing it."

hashtag. good feelings gone.
I was SO mad. Okay, not mad. Just slightly more embarrassed than usual when it comes to butchering any song on the piano. It's times like these that I remember when I start to get all judgey with piano skills. Or any skills for that matter. And then I look back and laugh. It's way easier than being angry.


P.S. Hey Jean! Thanks for all of the piano lessons. I still play. Quite often, actually. My sight reading needs some obvious work though...

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