conference bliss.

Dear Family,   I have LOVED hearing from you! I am beginning to think that you all think I love puzzles though-- some of the main details get left out of things and that makes it difficult to know what's going on, but I love hearing from you nonetheless and I'll take two details rather than no details!   Holy smokes. Conference. I loved it so much! Geneil!! You looked so pretty and your choir was amazing! As soon as they said combined choirs from BYU, I started looking for you! Also, WHAT THE WHAT!! Cedar City is getting a temple! That is so awesome! Maybe I will work at the Shakespeare Festival when I get back.... or maybe not... I don't know. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I think the underlying theme of Conference was Obedience and Families... and Help the Missionaries! All very important. I particularly loved when Elder Nelson quoted himself. hahahaha. And President Monson-- he's just hilarious. And now I don't feel too bad for the really dumb ideas I had as a kid. hahaha. And I did get the Conference Package! We just dumped all the candy into the Easter box... But I saved all of the pictures of the General Authorities because those are super useful! That was a way cute idea though. I really liked it!   Addie and Scott, GOOD LUCK!! I'm praying for you!! I hope everything goes well!! (I haven't received your letter yet, so hopefully today)   I don't know if Miss Kimberly will read this (or Katie) but I just want to let them know that their family is in my prayers. I didn't know Marissa very well but I do remember her. But just remember that the Plan of Salvation is so real! Families are forever! For those who don't know that the Plan of Salvation is real and true, ask the missionaries. They can help you! They want to help you!   Okay, for our week. It was a good one. Well, it was pretty trying, but it was very good and ended right with General Conference! I got a phone call on Tuesday night letting me know that I will be training again these next two transfers, so that's pretty exciting. The trining will rise again! So because I got the training call, we had to go to St. Louis (Frontenac, actually) for a training meeting on Friday.   On Thursday we went to Fulton for District Meeting and then we blitzed in Fulton (tracted another set of missionaries' area to help them out). That was way fun. Sister Linton and I got to tract and contact around the college campus, so that was new and exciting. We embraced the awkward and tried to just talk to people. That is super hard. But we're working on it!   On Friday we got to drive some Elders down to the training meeting. It was super fun. I thought for sure they were going to be all awkward and just not talk-- they talked more than we did... We almost couldn't get them to stop talking. hahaha. But they were pretty funny kids. One was from Salt Lake (he went to Olympus!) and the other was from Canada. We played the alphabet game with license plates-- I don't like that game. It's super frustrating. Plus there are pretty much no i's anywhere. Or q's. But whatever.   Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference and visited with folks. Things are going pretty well. We have some exciting goals planned for this transfer and we'll hopefully get some more "greenie fire" so that'll be awesome!   Umm.. I just love you all so much! In 34 days it's Mother's Day! just so you are aware. Oh. I got the stamps. I have a True To The Faith now. And I could use some more spring skirts. preferably with lower waistlines. (as much as I loved my wool skirts in the wintertime, this whole humidity spring thing here in Missouri isn't exactly working with the wool...)   I love you! Stay awesome! I'll keep praying for you and your successes! Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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