covered bridge. accordions. and Eureka!

Hello Family. 
This week was pretty good. The work here is pretty slow. We're doing a LOT of building and organizing... still. But it is so good to be here! We had a ton of fun this week though! Seriously. Life is so great!
There's not too much to report about with teaching or anything. But I would like to share some exciting things that happened this week! :)
On Wednesday, we went over to Sister Lindaman's house. I love that woman. Seriously. I just love her so much. We helped her vacuum her house and afterwards she fed us dinner! Well, during dinner, she and I got to talking about instruments and things and she told me that she could play the accordion. I almost died. Partially because she's so tiny that it would just be hilarious to watch her play it. But partially because it would be the COOLEST thing ever to play an accordion. Well, so we continued to talk and then we helped her take some cases of water to her back room and there it was. Sitting ever so nicely in its box. And then she turned to me and said, "You can borrow it if you want." I was so excited. And then. She said these beautiful words, "If you can learn one song before you leave here, you can keep it." I. ALMOST. DIED. So we took it home and after planning was over, I took it out of the case and attempted to play it. Let's just say, I'm no Mozart when it comes to the accordion, but I'm getting there. I'm determined to learn a song. Whether it be Row, Row, Row Your Boat or a hymn. I will learn a song on that thing. It is seriously so cool. I have a sweet video of me playing it that night, but it's too big to attach to this email. I'll try with another one. Or you're just going to have to wait until I send my card home... Or get home. Because I feel like the card is staying with me until that point.
And on Friday, we went to De Soto with the Bradleys. They are too great. We visited Less- Actives with them, because Brother Bradley is in the Bishopric and he wasn't in the Hillsboro ward before, so he doesn't know very many people. So they came out with us for a few hours and it was great! I like those people a lot. :) 
Then on Saturday, Sister McCoy and I checked yet another item off of our Bucket List. We went to Eureka, Missouri! It's where Six Flaggs is out here. But we just went to Less-Active's homes. Perhaps we'll go to Six Flaggs another day. Or not. "Ain't nobody got time for that." But it was a pretty good day! We were able to see all of the people that we had planned to! Unfortunately, none of them were as excited to see us as we were to see them. But that will come with time! :)
And yesterday. Oh, yesterday. We went to..... drum roll, please...... THE SANDY CREEK COVERED BRIDGE. And let me tell you. That thing has more hype to it than anything else. It's a cute little bridge though. But boy was it cold when we got there. So we just took a picture and scooted on out. hahah. Perhaps it is more exciting in the springtime. Or summer. But it's basically a photographer's love. Just throwing that out there.
Life is great. The Gospel is true. I have no complaints. And I'm a good rhymer.  I love you. Love,
Sister Sadie Leavitt

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