dear [high school] boys.

so school is starting this next week, or it may have already started in some places but as I lay awake [like an insomniac] last night, I thought of this idea for my next two posts. it's a little advice for High School boys and High School girls. from a teenager. because as we all know, parents don't know anything... (we'll get into that in a little bit) but here we go.

Dear High School Boys,

This life is hard. And confusing. But there are some sure fire ways to make it a little bit easier for yourself. If you choose the right and follow the prophet, it is oh, so rewarding. I promise. But here's some more advice. Teenager to teenager.

[1] If you feel uncomfortable with any situation, REMOVE YOURSELF. You have the power to think and act for yourself. Do NOT surrender that to anyone or anything.

[2] Girls really are the devil... But on the other hand, so are boys. [NOTE: THIS NEXT PART IS NOT FOR YOU TO USE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. DON'T STOP READING AFTER THE NEXT SENTENCE. THE SENTENCE AFTER IS PIVOTAL.] It is really hard for girls to say no to and to correct a boy she likes BECAUSE correction might embarrass the boy. Don't give her reason to correct you. Respect her. Respect yourself. And remember, she is a daughter of your Heavenly Father-- treat her as such and give her your utmost respect.

[3] Spend time with others. Make friends. Make LOTS of friends. Refuse to be idle. Idle time causes us [as human beings] to become curious. While curiosity can be a fantastic thing, it is also EXTREMELY dangerous. Surround yourself with goodness. If you find yourself becoming curious with something which is against the Standards of the Church, CHANGE YOUR SITUATION. You have control of yourself and your actions. That being said, remember: You are accountable for your actions.

[4] Your parents love you NO MATTER WHAT. And they want what is best for you. And guess what else, THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. Trust me on this one, your parents GET IT. They have been teenagers before. And yeah, I know, times have changed, but guess what else. THEY WERE ALIVE THROUGH THE CHANGE. They get it. Trust your parents and LISTEN to them.

[5] The Church's Standards are not old fashioned. [But even if they were, vintage is in these days, so our standards should technically be all the rage. just sayin'.] They are there to protect you. And if you follow them, they will protect you.

[6] R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I seriously cannot stress this enough. Respect people, guys. Respect your elders, your parents, your SISTERS (just so you know, girls are watching you. The way you treat your sisters and your mother speaks volumes), your grandparents, your aunts, your uncles, your teachers, your friends, your enemies. Respect EVERYONE. And they will respect you.

[7] You are NOT entitled to A N Y T H I N G. I know. I know. You think you're entitled to everything. Well, newsflash: You're not. Get off your hinder and go work for whatever it is that you want. You have been given the ability to work. Learn how to use that ability to your advantage. (here's a hint: usually if you work hard, you are using that ability to your advantage) Plus, things are MUCH more satisfying when earned.

[8] Be chaste. And virtuous. And strive to live the Young Women Values BECAUSE they AREN'T just for the Young Women. Don't know them? Don't stress. I've got your back. They are: FAITH, DIVINE NATURE, INDIVIDUAL WORTH, KNOWLEDGE, CHOICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY, GOOD WORKS, INTEGRITY, and VIRTUE. If you don't know how to live these, go here. Or ask a girl-- keep them on their toes.

[9] Read your scriptures and say your prayers. There is a special strength and peace that comes from making these things a habit.

[10] Be kind. Be inviting. Be yourself. Be true to what you know is right. Mind your p's and q's. Remember who you are [A SON OF GOD. HE LOVES YOU.] and what you stand for. Follow the rules-- they are simple and for your benefit.

last one...
[11] ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. But never use the truth as a weapon. As soon as the truth becomes a weapon, SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH. But if you need (or want) to end things with a girl, or you want to make her feel good about herself: TELL HER THE TRUTH. DO NOT TELL HER WHAT YOU THINK SHE WANTS TO HEAR. Just remember, sometimes the truth hurts, but being lied to and finding out the truth later hurts worse.

You boys are awesome. I hope this school year is fantastic for you! Good luck in all you do!


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