dear [high school] girls

you girls thought I was going to let you off easy? (buzzer sound) wrong. I have some advice for you too.

Dear High School Girls,

Middle school was rough. But so is high school. And.... so is life. The rough parts of life truly shape us into who we are. But here is some advice that I wish somebody would have told me when I was in high school. And some of it is advice that I wish I would have TAKEN.

[1] Respect yourself. If something makes you uncomfortable, CHANGE YOUR SITUATION. If that means removing yourself from the situation, so be it. You are in control of yourself. The MOMENT you feel uneasy is the moment you need to change. Don't be afraid to say "No."; or to walk out of a party; or to call your parents. Make the decision NOW so that later on you won't have to.

[2] Romance novels are F A N T A S T I C, BUT they are NOT real life. Expecting life and boys to be like a romance novel will only cause you disappointment. Sorry. But that's how it is.

[3] Guy friends are awesome. But if you kiss them, EVERYTHING will change. And you WILL NOT be able to be "just friends" anymore. That being said, save your kisses. Kisses are special and should not be handed out like the chocolates.

[4] Stand up for your SIBLINGS. They will be some of your BEST friends later on, if they aren't already.

[5] BE MODEST. Cover yourself up. NOBODY wants to see you hanging out of your shirt, or your bum hanging out of your shorts. Those boys you want to MARRY someday? They aren't the ones that are impressed by immodesty. And dressing immodestly pushes them away. The boys that want you to be immodest, ARE PIGS. Stay away from them. Really. Stay away. They aren't worth your time or your tears.

[6] (closely related to #5) Don't compromise or lower your standards for ANY guy. If he can't accept your standards, he is not accepting YOU. The guy that you really want is the one who makes you feel BETTER about yourself ALL. THE. TIME. He's the one who raises your standards and makes you want to be better. But here's some better advice, don't steady date in high school. It's not worth it. Go on lots of dates, with LOTS OF DIFFERENT GUYS.

[7] (also related to #5 and #6) Don't think that you can change a guy. YOU CAN'T. And don't take that as a challenge. Only he can change himself. BUT you do have an influence. A strong one. Make it be a good one too. 

[8] You do NOT get to choose your consequences. You choose your actions. You are accountable for EVERY. CHOICE. YOU. MAKE. choose wisely.

[9] Your parents are not dumb. They know crap. They know what is best for you and you should listen to them. The advice they give you isn't to make your life miserable. Actually, if you will listen to it, it will SERIOUSLY benefit you later on.

[10] Don't be the witchy girl that nobody likes. Nobody likes her. Be kind to everyone. Make a goal to say 10 SINCERE nice things everyday. Reach out to those who might not have very many friends. Invite EVERYONE-- even the weird girl. You may need her some day. She needs you TODAY.

[11] Read your scriptures and develop the relationship that matters MOST-- the relationship with your Heavenly Father and Savior. They love you more than you can comprehend. And they will NEVER abandon you. NEVER.

[12] Be honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous. Do good to all men. Follow the Admonition of Paul: believe all things, hope all things, endure all things. If there is anything VIRTUOUS, LOVELY, OR OF GOOD REPORT, OR PRAISEWORTHY -- SEEK AFTER THOSE THINGS. Live the Young Women Values. They truly make your life better.

last one...
[13] If a boy is MAN enough to ask you out, be WOMAN enough to say yes. Yeah, I know, sometimes he just isn't cute. Or he isn't "the one," but YOU ARE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL. He's not proposing. Or even asking you to be his girlfriend. He is asking you on ONE DATE. Say yes. Consider yourself lucky enough to be asked out by him.

Girls, high school is tough. I mentioned that earlier. But it is a time where you can learn to become the woman you want to be. People are going to put you in situations where you will have to make difficult choices, listen to your heart AND your mind. If they are not in sync, it's NOT right. And remember, there is a difference between good and right. Learn the difference. It will help you along the way.

Good luck this year!

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