district leader #7

Hello Family,   This week has been... SO long. Where do I even begin? Let's start at Monday. Monday started off awesome. We went to Zone P-day and just had a blast. I couldn't even take it. We played capture the flag and then a huge game of soccer. I was goalie... and I was awful at it, but no worries, my team was still great. Then after Zone P-day, we went back to Washington I switched my laundry real fast (I am my mother's daughter) and we went to visit a Less Active lady for a while. We really started talking with her and she really started opening up to us. It was awesome. But then it was getting kind of late (like 8:30) so we started heading back to our apartment. When we got back to our apartment, our new downstairs neighbor informed us that our frontloader washing machine didn't get closed all the way and it leaked.... all. over. the. place. And it leaked really badly into their apartment and clear to the basement. Our landlord had to come and open up the apartment while we were gone to get the washing machine stopped. Well, naturally, I felt horrible. Probably like the worst human being on earth. So then they informed us that someone was coming to take care of our apartment within the next hour. Well, we can't be in our apartment with other people, so we called our leaders and got approval for some members to come sit with us outside the apartment while they came to fix my mess. So around 9:45 Servpro showed up and started throwing BUCKETS of water out of our apartment. (We went in there and there was no water on the ground or in the washing machine. I'm not sure where they were getting these buckets of water from...) Then they started hauling these HUGE fans into our apartment. So by this time it's like 10:25ish so we texted the Assistants and asked if we could get permission to stay with these members for the night. They said we could, so we ran upstairs and grabbed a few things and headed over to the Johnson's house for the night.   Tuesday: We went back to our apartment and it was seriously like a maze. There were three huge (mega loud) fans drying out our bathroom and our washer and dryer were in our living room and our couch was pulled out from the wall because that wall was drying too. They told us not to move anything so it would dry faster. So we didn't. So Sister Vilingia took a shower and then they told us that the Servpro guys were coming again, so we had to wait to get errrythang done. So we waited outside in our pajamas until 10:30. I felt like such a pile. After the Servpro guys finally left we went back inside and finished getting ready. When I was in the middle of blow drying my hair, I heard this POP and then everything went dark. Apartment 2, Sister Leavitt 0...   Fast forward to Thursday. After two days of getting ready in the dark and basically zero sleep because it was so loud, we called our Sister Training Leaders and asked if we could possibly sleep at a member's house because we were in theeeee worst moods ever. We were trying to work, but nothing was going right because we were so cranky. The assistants called us and gave us permission to stay at Sister Krueger's house. So we called up Sister Krueger and asked her if we could stay with her for a couple of days. She said yes, so we packed up our things and took them to her house. That night we slept in silence. It was wonderful. And then Friday we took showers with the lights on and everything. It was marvelous. We stayed at Sister Krueger's house for two nights. On Saturday, Rick (the Servpro guy) came and took the fans out of our apartment! It was such a happy day...   And then we got transfer calls. I'm being transferred to Cape Girardeau. (I think that's how you spell it... I'm not particularly sure..) And Sister Vilingia is being transferred to Frontenac. We're being white-washed. I really don't know how I feel about all of this. I know it's for the best and that it is what the Lord wants, but it's still hard. We just started building all of these relationships with a bunch of less active folks and now we have to leave. But good news! Sister Randall is white-wash training! So they'll have some greenie fire here! It'll be way good for the area. So yeah, we're working on getting everything ready for these sisters. I haven't cried yet, so we're doing pretty good with that area.... I almost cried yesterday though at one of our lessons. It was really hard to say, "see ya later" to these people. I love them so much. bah. dumb transfers.   Anyway, it sounds like you all had a great week! I hope so! I'm praying for you! I love you so much! The gospel of Jesus Christ brings true, TRUE happiness! And it's happiness that lasts! So that's a huge bonus! :)   I love you tons.  Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt 

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