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Dear Family,
Good news! No unexpected random things that make it so I can't email on Monday! Huzzah!
This week has been suuuuuuuuuuuper long. But way legit. And there are a multitude of hilarious stories. Okay, just one hilarious story, but other great moments.
So on Monday, as you know, we had 1/2 of the Mission Conference. It was way awesome.  Tuesday, we had P-day. And it was so great. And then we got to go to a Baptist (?) church and sing with them. That was THE coolest experience ever. We're going back tomorrow. Sister Furch, Brother Leth and I were the only white people there. And all we did was sing. And clap. And it was so much fun. Seriously. And there were the cutest little girls. Oh my goodness. I wanted to take them home. And they all sang so great. I'm stoked to go back.
Wednesday, we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. We basically chalked up the whole town of Cape Girardeau. Okay, we chalked up Capaha Park... But it was way fun. We drew the Plan of Salvation and just had a blast of a time.
Thursday... I don't remember anything. I think Sister Furch was sick that day.
Friday, we got to have lunch with the Assistants and Zone Leaders. We went to this place where all they have is ribs. Which is great, but it was the first thing I ate that day.... It was no good for my little stomach. But that's alright. Then later that day we got to do service for one of the Recent Converts here-- Sister Sue. And we cleaned her house and did her dishes. It was so much fun. She had the best vacuum I have ever used. Seriously, that thing was a champion. I was so relaxed after going there. Then she told her upstairs neighbors about what we did and they were just so happy. And we told her that we would love to clean for them. And so we're probably going to do that for them this week. I'm stoked.
Saturday. The special day. Well, Sister Furch was sick again. :( So we called a lot of the members here and offered them service and such because we are phasing out tracting. Like we're not supposed to tract anymore. This is the best invention I have ever heard of. I almost cried when I heard that news. I was so happy. But we're starting this program called Harvesting. And it works like a champ. We just ask five questions and then we obtain referrals from the members. It's the best.
Sunday. I spoke in Church. I spoke on Sacrificing our Fears to Share the Gospel. It went quite well, I think. And Vincent got confirmed, so that was a really great moment. And then we went to eat dinner at the Deliskave's house. It was a typical "Mormon Family Sunday Dinner"-- Roast and Potatoes. Well, here's where the funny story comes in. We were getting all ready to go home and Sister Deliskave accidentally let their dogs out of the gate and they live on a highway. So the dogs ran off and since Sister Furch and I are trying to win over the ward a little more, we decided that we would try and save the day and catch the dogs. So we took off running down the road. Well, those little dogs were fast. I ran to the end of the lane and got them to turn around. Well, Sister Furch thought they were going home, but there was a fork in the road and the little devils took the fork. So we took off down the fork (oh, we're totally in skirts... just remember that). And the dogs went into these people's yard so I tried to corner them and force them back towards the Deliskave's. Milo took off in the opposite direction and Sister Furch was bookin' it down the road (she was BEATING the dog. I was majorly impressed). She cut him off and then started to juke him out but he beat her. Well, meanwhile this truck driver is watching all of this. And I had tried to chase D-O-G around these people's house and I finally got him to go back the way I wanted him to, but we were still behind the house so all of a sudden me and D-O-G just appear out of no where and I'm chasing this dog with no possible chance of catching him. So I quit because he started running down the wrong road and I was just ticked at him. Well, the truck driver passed-- probably laughing his guts out because he watched Sister Furch juke out a dog and then me chase a dog. But then we see D-O-G running super fast towards the Deliskave's and then we see Brother Deliskave in their truck. And he just picked up the dog and we were like, "are you kidding me?" Well, he drove up next to us and was like, "this is the only way I can catch them." And we were like, "Well why didn't you tell us?!" And he replied, "Oh, I'm telling you now."
I practically ran a marathon. for nothing. hahahaha. But it's okay. I got some good exercise. hahaha. Dumb dogs.
Well, everything is good here. It's the last week of the transfer and Sister Furch's birthday is on Sunday. Which means all of the mail is for her.... Well, that's not any different. But she'll be old on Sunday. The Big 21. However, when I turn 21, it won't be old.
I hope that Dad is okay in Colorado. And that Scott is having a blast (no pun intended) in Belgium. I hope that Parlos is loving school!! When did Camille and Joe move up there? And how come this is the first that I'm hearing that Caroline is up there? That's so weird that she's in college now... I'm glad that Mom and Shaye had a grand ole time in Salt Lake! How is Clankster doing? I haven't heard anything about him lately.
I hope you are all well! I love you so much! I hope you have wonderful weeks! Do some member missionary work! Go meet your neighbors if you don't already know them! Invite them to have food-- noodles-- with you! 
Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt
Oh, P.S. One of the families that I had dinner with this week totally remembers Jonny. And Sister Furch and I went over to Brother Leth's house and saw Jonny's name!
Pictures: 1. The First Vision. It's on Brother Leth's window outside his apartment. Too legit to quit.
2. Jonny's name 3. Some of our chalk art. By yours truly. :)

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