easter fun

we went down to my parents' home for easter weekend. my whole family minus my little missionary brother was home and it was so great to be with everyone for a couple of days. 
for my entire life easter has been a giant family celebration. when i was younger my mom would host a gathering for all of her siblings at our house for the weekend. we would dye eggs & take them to a big hill to roll them. we flew kites. we would go to the lake & go boating. we would have a combined family BBQ with both sides of my family. on sunday morning everyone would go up to my grandma's house to find our easter baskets that were hidden by the easter bunny. once everyone had found their baskets, we all would sit on my grandma's back porch steps and take a giant family picture with our baskets. & then we would go to church together. 
this year was a little bit different. we my little family all met together at my parents' home. it was so great to see all of my siblings, nieces, and of course my mom and dad. 

these girls lovvvvve their grandpa.
parker and i got home on friday night. on saturday morning we dyed eggs with two of my nieces. it took us about five minutes to dye all 24 of those eggs. and about five seconds to spill an entire little bucket of dye.

we had a little fun with snapchat's filters with my niece. she was a little freaked out... but LOVED the puppy filter despite her facial expression-- she kept asking to do the puppy one. she's obsessed with dogs... until they get close to her.

and then we went hiking and repelling and rock climbing in the mountains and hills behind my parents' home. 

we got back just in time for our annual family BBQ. 
baby whip LOVES buckwheat. 
on saturday night after the BBQ my family all gathered to watch the blue collar comedy tour. (my brothers & brothers-in-law were baffled because parker hadn't seen it)
sunday morning, the easter bunny showed up and brought us our easter baskets! we woke up early enough to find our easter baskets before church. 

my sister-in-law is pregnant. their family told us all what she's having through a tiny easter egg hunt. it's a GIRL!! (apparently our family can only make little girls...)

after finding our easter baskets, we went to church. 
easter was such a fun time! we loved being with family! at church we were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior in a more spiritual way. we love our Savior and are so grateful for His Atonement!
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tomorrow & sunday we will watch general conference! you can watch it here
during general conference, we play games to help ourselves pay attention. one that we particularly love is fantasy general conference. go here to print out your own FGC papers to play along!!

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