Elder Holland. What?

Okay, I know, I posted a status about this on Facebook, but really, this has been like the coolest thing to happen to me since I was born, I think. And stuff like this just never happens to me.

so I must brag.
Okay. So it started off as a normal day at work. Only it wasn't normal at all because I was just a regular House Manager instead of a Supervisor. So I did my House Managing duties and waited patiently for Les Mis to start. Well, it started. And one of the volunteers came over just glowing because we had someone super cool in the house tonight-- Lavell Edwards. You know, like Lavell Edwards Stadium?? Or the football coach from BYU a while back?? Yeah, him. Super cool.  So me and the other House Managers were joking about getting his autograph at Intermission.

Then Intermission came. 
I was doing my duty-- standing at the credenza, like a good House Manager. When I hear these little kids ask this guy, "Can we shake your hand?" I thought to myself, They must be big Lavell Edwards fans. Then he turned around. And my breath caught. Suddenly the room got extremely hot. It wasn't Lavell Edwards. No, it was Elder Jeffery R. Holland. I couldn't believe my eyes. The room kept getting hotter and hotter. I began to fan my face and started clutching the credenza fearful that I was going to faint because of excitement. Then he came over and talked to me. I could have died. The conversation went like this:

Elder Holland: "Well hello!" Me: "H-hi Elder Holland!" (grinning ear to ear, btdubs) Hand Shake Elder Holland: "Well aren't you just a cute ticket girl?" Me: laugh politely, "Thanks!" Elder Holland: "I have a question for you..."
And then I tried my best to answer his question without being too excited about my life at this particular point. But really, this was so exciting for me.

Yeah. He's cool. And he shook. my. hand. Life can simply not get any better at this moment.

Well, good night all! 

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