engagements & bridals

i've been waiting like 22 years to be able to have my own engagement pictures because that meant one thing: i would be getting married. and honestly, that has been the thing that i've looked forward to the most in my entire life.

well, in november, i was able to be in my own engagement photos because parker and i were engaged!! seriously. it was such a happy day and did not disappoint at all. our photographer was Debby Leavitt from Debby Leavitt Photography. she did an amazing job and we could not be happier with the outcome!

we wanted to wait until after we sent out announcements/got married before we shared a lot of our pictures just because we wanted them to be somewhat of a surprise in the announcements/at our receptions. but now i am SO excited to share them with you!

okay. so i thought i loved our engagement pictures. and then i saw our bridals.

my jaw dropped to the floor. 
i have never in my life had so many pictures where i felt so incredibly beautiful. and parker looked SO handsome. seriously. i fell in love all over again. Debby Leavitt Photography did such an amazing job. we can't even begin to express our thanks and adoration for our photos. they are timeless.

we owe a HUGE thank you to my dear sweet Grandmother and Grandpa for letting us use their home as a studio for the day. you see, my grandmother has a beautiful house in salt lake county. it's very old and is one of those houses that you look at and think, "if gingerbread houses were real, that is what it would look like." but that's just the outside. the inside has beautiful wood floors, large windows, a fireplace with built-in bookshelves next to it, a window seat, and she has a gorgeous old piano. for as long as i can remember, it has been my dream to have a photoshoot in my grandmother's home. but there was one problem. my grandmother actually lives in her house. so she obviously had other things in her house that would make it hard to turn it into a studio for the day. here's where my second HUGE thank you comes in. my wonderful momma drove up to northern utah to help us turn my dream into a reality (after we asked and gained permission from grandmother, of course). my momma slaved for two days cleaning, moving furniture, more cleaning, and letting me boss her around to tell her where i wanted each piece of furniture. (i owe parker a huge thank you for coming to help as well... poor kid thought he just had to be in the pictures... wrongo...)

parker's first look.

i LOVE how happy he looks in this one.

isn't parker soooooo attractive?? bah. i can't even handle it.

love how Debby accentuated my Grandmother's little glass jars in this one.

this is one of my most favorites. seriously. my hair is on POINT. 

two swings?? don't mind if we do.
another favorite. this one, like most all of them, was candid. and it's perfect.

parker. doin his thing. i love, love, lovvvve when he plays with my hair.
it happens quite often. and i don't EVER complain about it.

i love the way he looks at me. he's such a dreamboat. (heart eye emoji)

this is our signature picture. if you don't know why, go here to find out.

a little twist on the bench pic. love it. so. dang. much.

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