evolution of the mouth.

five days ago (June 8th), it was the four year anniversary of my last day of my Freshman year of High School. to those of you who think that is insignificant, I'm here to tell you, it's not. that day was HUGE for me. 
my friends and I decided to have a little party-- because we weren't freshmen anymore of course. we were playing around on my friend Nikki's mule (not the animal, the ATV). and I got into a fight with the roll bar. needless to say, the bar kicked. my. trash. which resulted in this wonderful evolution of my teeth. 
note: some of these pictures are less than stellar, but you're supposed to be looking at my teeth... or the lack thereof...

these babies are my real permanent teeth. please notice how practically perfect they were. we just can't have nice things...

the real ones. a second look.

get ready for a BIG change....  (I don't have access to the pictures that were taken that night at the dentist, but if I ever get those bad boys, I might post them. might. they're kind of really gross.)

after the dentist. 2008
the next morning... super lovely. 2008

5 days later... 2008
summer of 2008... so. attractive.

flipper #1. 2009

flipper #2. 2010

my first braces. a week after I got my wisdom teeth out and had my bone graft. 

braces. 2010

braces 2010. about a month after my tissue graft. (we're getting closer to the dental implants!!)

first set of temporaries. 2011

second set of temporaries. 2011... gross gap. 

third set of temporaries. 2011

the permanents!! 2011

the permanents!!
what a ride this has been.  over the past four years I've had to have: a bone graft my wisdom teeth removed a tissue graft three root canals braces monthly trips to the dentist an oral surgeon an endodontist an orthodontist two flippers impressions (more than I care to remember)
and I have been on a first name basis with the staff 3 out of the 4 dental staffs that have helped me.

I personally, wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but it has made for a lot of good stories and learning experiences! 

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