faaaaaantasic P-days.

Dear Family,
I LOVE being in the city. I love it. love it. love it. The last two P-days have been SO much fun! Oh, sorry we didn't write yesterday, due to the holidays... gotta love those things. But back to our p-days. Last week we went to the Arch. Which was legitimate. If I do say so myself. It was super fun. And then yesterday we went to the CITY MUSEUM!!!!!!!!!!!! That place is seriously so cool! It's basically a giant jungle gym! And there are slides EVERYWHERE! It's seriously so fun! My knees are all bruised up because we were crawling all over the floor, but it was totally worth it! One of the slides is 10 stories high! It's SO cool. And there are a bunch of man-made caves that you can crawl in and such. We seriously had so much fun. It's a really cool place. I enjoyed myself. :)
Okay, so this week was really good! We're FINALLY starting to actually teach some lessons rather than just trying to find people-- which we still do, but not as much! (The heavenly chorus is singing quite loudly.) But we had a few lessons this week that were just amazing! The Spirit was definitely there-- the investigators could feel it. And then.... none of them came to church. :( booooooooo. It's okay though! They'll come this week! :) I have faith! But our teaching pool has TEN people in it! I am so excited! We just have to work through the little bumps of life and get these folks to come to church and then they'll be GOLDEN!
Oh. Funny story. So on Sunday we were driving around searching for less-actives and part-member families. It was dark and we were in a wooded glen. When up ahead I saw this baby deer. And so I pointed it out to Sister McCoy. Well, then Mama Deer decided she wanted to run across the road. (I had already started slowing to a stop when I saw Baby Deer in the road) But Sister McCoy started FREAKING out. And as she clutched the door (because when we get into an accident that will save her-- we've discussed this...) she started quietly saying, "Stop. Stop. Stop." and then it got louder and faster, "STOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOP!!" But as she was getting louder and faster, I had already stopped, so it was just super funny. I was dying from laughter. And then Mama Deer scurried across the road and we continued on our way. No worries. I'm a professional driver. :)
But all is well. I'm so glad that everyone back home is doing so incredibly well. Heavenly Father truly does bless us when we sacrifice for Him! I love Him SO much! And I love this gospel with ALLLLLLL my heart! And I LOVE teaching people about it (that's probably my favorite thing in the world!) Annnny who. I love you!
Sister Sadie Leavitt
The AWESOME letter I sent to the little cousins yesterday! :) It has a secret message in it... Mom, you might want to try and figure out the secret message too! It has some IMPORTANT information for you. :)

After the City Museum. We were pooped. But it was SO fun!

Our bruised legs this morning... yeah. That's what happens when you go to the City Museum and pretend that you're 7 years old again... totally worth it.

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