fabulous fridays.

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I LOVE Farmer's Markets. so. so. so. so. so. much!  I think they're great. even if they're small.  today, my roommates humored me and went to the Farmer's Market with me. 
and then after we went to the Farmer's Market, we went and played at Porter Park (we took pictures by my most favorite Senior Center in Rexburg) and then we went to Dairy Queen and then we watched The Bill Cosby Show!

right before we went to the Farmer's Market!!!

I LOVE Farmer's Markets. 


what a sketchy little place. I love it.

... Amberlie. hahahahahahahah

we like to party. we like, we like to party.


the Ha-ha game.

we had a yoga off. 

I LOVE Dairy Queen. 

I miss Jordan. and our talks at Dairy Queen. 
Fridays are so fabulous! I love Fridays.

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