frozen like a popsicle!

Yo. Hey Family. For starters, the whole entire city of St. Louis shut down yesterday. Except Wal-Mart and McDonald's. There is SO much snow here! Hence the late email. Even though it said that it was -5 in Jacksonville, we had -25-- -35 degree weather with windchill. So I don't even feel bad for those kids. It is so stinking cold. We're trying to manage. It's been hard though. Because 1. We live outside of our area (yeah, I complain about this in every email. And I probably will continue to complain about this in all of my emails. It makes missionary work SUPER hard. you can only call people so many times.. plus half of the numbers we have are wrong....) and 2. The roads basically aren't even plowed. It's pretty fantastic. And everything is iced over. We're being cautious. Don't you fret. I will not be taking the shorter routes. We'll spend our miles to save our lives.
But holy cow. So I'll be missing a wedding.... sweet. I've already told Shaye that when I get married, I'll make sure she's on bed rest or something. hahahahaha. Actually, I had a heart to heart with myself the other day because I was feeling down and out about missing stuff but then I said to myself, "You know what, you wanted all of these blessings for your family when you left. Stop being such a baby and just be happy for them." And then I committed myself to be happy. And guess what. IT WORKED! I am SO excited for everything! I look at all of the miracles that have happened in our lives in the last year and even though they didn't all turn out as we had planned, Heavenly Father ALWAYS has something greater for us. And when we look at the blessings, rather than seeing everything we're NOT getting (this puts you in a world of trouble), we are so much happier! (If you can't tell, I learned a lot about gratitude this week)
Mom and Addie, I sent you both snail mail letters yesterday, you'll probably get them in like a week because the world is ending out here. But it's all good. For everyone else's benefit, the letter had lyrics to an AMAZING song. I'm not sure the name of the song, but it is by the Nashville Tribute Band and it's on the Tribute to the Prophet Joseph CD. If I were guessing, I would say the name of the song is "A Mile in My Shoes." So ya'll should look it up because it literally changed my life.
The Gospel is so true. Life is so happy. And I love being a missionary. I love missionary work. And I love all of you. Please enjoy your warm weather for me! I'll try not to freeze! (I thought I was going to lose my fingers last night as we were shoveling...) YOU are all my favorites.
Let the Gospel change your life. It changed mine and I wouldn't change that for the world.  Love, Sister Sadie Leavitt

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