Full Nursery Reveal

As we get closer and closer to Berkeley’s due date, I’ve been feeling a lot of what I think is nesting. I just want EVERYTHING to be organized and in its place before she gets here. Having clutter or things just stuffed places gives me a little bit of anxiety, so I have been cleaning as much as my body will allow me to. (I take breaks about every ten minutes, so it’s slow going, but thankfully where we live isn’t very big so I can get a lot done in ten minutes…)

When we moved into our current rental, we purposely chose a two-bedroom townhome. We enjoy having people stay with us and like being able to have a space for them to stay in. But we also really hoped that we would be able to turn our second bedroom into a nursery someday. I’ve been slowly collecting home decor pieces over the years that I just love and it turned out that they all came together and made a really cute nursery, so I’m really excited about that. The rest of our house isn’t really decorated anymore because I took all of the decorations I had and put them in the nursery. hahaha.


These letter ledges may be one of my favorite parts of Berkeley’s nursery. We got them from Huckleberry Avenue and are seriously obsessed with them. I’m hoping to do Berkeley’s monthly update photos next to her letter ledges and I just think that will be so fun!


We got our Glider and Ottoman from BuyBuyBaby and I have to say, I lovvvve it. It’s comfy (I actually sit in it a lot right now) and it has a tall back so it will be comfortable for Parker too. I got the side table for Christmas, but you can get this exact side table on Amazon. I really love it and it just feels perfect for the space! My sister-in-law gave us the macrame wall hanging behind the Glider. She got it on Amazon, I couldn’t find the exact one, but here is a similar wall hanging!

GENDER NEUTRAL NURSERY | baby girl nursery
GENDER NEUTRAL NURSERY | baby letto crib
GENDER NEUTRAL NURSERY | baby letto crib
GENDER NEUTRAL NURSERY | baby girl closet

I cannot wait to share more of baby girl’s outfits with you because she got SO MANY CUTE CLOTHES (and a LOT of them can be found on Amazon!!) Once she’s here, we’ll have a FASHION SHOW! FASHION SHOW! FASHION SHOW AT LUNCH!

I really, really, really love how her nursery turned out and I just cannot wait to snuggle her and spend more time in there with her. I love how simple and functional everything in her room is. It feels cozy but spacious and I just really love that fact.

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