Fundraising Fundamentals | Part 1

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Since launching our A Baby for Christmas Fundraiser at the end of December, we have received soooooooo many questions about how to fundraise. We're currently building an ENTIRE COURSE on this, but we wanted to give you some quick fundamentals and quick tips for how to help your fundraisers be successful.

Fundraising Fundamentals

Quick Tip #1: Be conscious of the wording you use.

Use positive wording. If you use your story to help promote your fundraiser-- don't pity party it up. Be positive and excited about what you're doing. Be transparent with what the money will be used for.

If you don't use your story to help promote-- be positive. Use wording that helps people understand that this is going to help you grow and that you are not expecting them to help you simply because they know you.

Quick Tip #2: Offer suggestions for ways people can support your fundraiser.

Don't want to get too vulnerable - okay, don't!! Say something like, hey! I'm starting this new side venture and would love your support! Ways you can support: purchasing, engaging in my posts (like, comment, save and/or share!), or simply spreading the word!

Talk about your side hustle and talk about it A LOT. People typically need about 7-14 touch points before they put ANY money down. Plus only about 6% of your followers & friends will see your posts. The stats are even LOWER with them seeing EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Harness the power of influence -- reach out to 3-5 of your closest friends and ask for their support in your fund raising efforts.

But Sadie, I don't have community support or a big platform - you don't NEED a big platform or an entire community. You need 200 people who are willing to pay you $50 for a service or $75 for a product. You know 200 people.

Quick Tip #3: Help people understand WHY they should support your fundraiser

Give them a REASON to support you. Give them a REASON to exchange their money to help you. Give them SOMETHING to purchase. Give them SOMETHING exchange their money for.

If you just tell people you need money from them, that is a MUCH harder sell. That is where judgment comes in. Expecting them to just simply be generous because you want them to be, will only leave you disappointed.

Quick Tip #4: Understand that Crowdfunding and Fundraising are NOT the same thing.

Crowdfunding and fundraising are NOT the same thing.

Fundraising involves doing something to get something. Crowdfunding is simply asking people to donate to your cause.

Give the option for people to donate, but don't expect that to be the most used option. And don't expect your family and friends to hop on board right away (or ever).

Your fundraiser has the potential to be wildly successful-- no matter how you choose to raise your funds. Check out Fundraising Fundamentals | Part 2 for different ideas for fundraising.

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